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Despite my being "the Rachael Ray of Photoshop PMs" (chatty & overexposed), I’m hardly the only one helping to steer things around here.  Just last week my fellow PM Bryan O’Neil Hughes was talking with hundreds of journalists, photographers, and partners at Photokina, alongside Tom Hogarty from Lightroom and our boss, VP Kevin Connor.  Meanwhile Photoshop PM Zorana Gee was on tour in Japan, demonstrating Photoshop to several hundred local journalists–even drawing some audible oohs & aahs from a normally very reserved bunch.


Bits you might find interesting from Photokina:


  • Bryan spent about 10 minutes demoing CS4 to Dave Etchells of Imaging Resource.  It’s a nice tight overview that shows off things like the ability to select, then hide part of a 3D model (in this case to paint the interior of a car).
  • He also sat down with Thorsten Wulff for a brief interview.
  • Elsewhere on the show floor, Kevin chatted with the guys from Calumet Photographic about Photoshop and Lightroom.

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    Is this typical of sites developed with Adobe tools?
    [What page are you talking about? The one linked in the URL field? Why do you think it had anything to do with Adobe software? And why post the question here? –J.]

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