Quick notes on Camera Raw 5

Tom Hogarty has posted some brief notes about Camera Raw 5, now shipping as part of Photoshop CS4.  He writes,


One important note is that the new camera support added in the last Camera Raw update for CS3 is not currently available in Camera Raw 5.0. We’ll be providing a Camera Raw 5.1 update next week that will include additional camera support.

Camera Raw 5 offers:


  • Local adjustment brush
  • Graduated Filter
  • "Post Crop" Vignetting
  • Opacity for the cloning/healing tool
  • Improved Auto Adjustment
  • Support for the new Camera Profiles that are still in beta form


Oh, and Thomas Knoll & co. just might have a couple of additional tricks up their sleeves–things one might see in an update due soon.  (I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’…)

0 thoughts on “Quick notes on Camera Raw 5

  1. Surprise?
    Please, please, please add radial distortion corrections in Camer RAW! This would make a lot of sense in the RAW processing stage and is all the more important the further Adobe pushes automatic image alignment and different types of image projections.
    [It’s a great request, but think small in terms of surprises (little things that didn’t quite make it into the box with CS4 for schedule reasons). –J.]
    Can’t wait to get Photoshop CS4…this looks to be the most substantial, must-have update since Photoshop 4. Great work!
    [Thanks! –J.]

  2. I am still using CS-2 and just bought a Nikon D-700. Can’t open NEF files. What do I need to do.
    [Download the latest DNG Converter for Mac or Windows. It’s fast & free, and it makes your files smaller. –J.]

  3. I have a Canon 5D Mk2 and Elements 6, and I cannot seem to find a Camera RAW update that will work with PSE6 and my camera’s RAW format! What should I do?
    Many thanks

  4. Hi I still use Photoshop CS and I have a Nikon D3000.
    I can only open Raw images in Lightroom 2.5.
    What do i need to open RAW images directly in Photoshop?

  5. Hi Rich. I also experiencing the same problem. Is there anyone out there that can assist us? Cheers Shaun D

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