XD responds to user feedback

A brief note: A number of folks have questioned the XD team’s decision to render their new INSPIRE publication through the Flash Player.  I passed the feedback along to the design team, and now XD manager Ty Lettau has replied.

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  1. Thanks for forwarding some of the gripes to the XD team. I am lazy enough not to create another set of login credentials just for that site (thanks JN for allowing simple comments). Though, your link with the replies goes to the XD blog front page, not the article in question. I had to look around for it.
    [Hmm–for me the link at the end of the post goes right to the article. I’ve checked it across browsers. –J.]
    Also, other problems are: I am unable to use command-F to find on the site.
    [Yeah, that bugged me as well. It’s certainly possible to support, as I did it today in Buzzword.
    VoiceOver did not recognize anything on the site. Not even the text input field. And one last thing, comments there look like they are missing the beginning of each comment: http://interaktion.info/unpublished/adobe-xd-comments.png

  2. Personally, I REALLY like their format. I’ve been waiting for a while to see a move in that direction. It has some limitations currently, but it’s great to see the innovative mindset. Thus far it works (and looks) great to me.
    As for the comment on disliking the credential setup, I have to say that I kind of like the setup they have – it is based on your Adobe username/password that you use EVERYWHERE on the Adobe site, including forums, purchases, acrobat.com and more. It’s a nice set of integration, IMO.
    Thanks for linking to the Inspire blog – I’ve included it in my feed reader!

  3. From you previous replies I can see that the only subject you won’t/can’t answer to is the pricing scheme (EU/USA). That could only mean that you a) have no influence over that, it’s out of your league and b) you don’t approve such decisions yourself.
    Unfortunately, this won’t stop people ranting about this to you instead to the decision makers.
    When I saw flash blocker triangle over the whole Inspire landing page I immediately closed it and went straight to comments on “New Adobe XD pub” post. There I saw exactly what I expected – none were discussing what was the subject. That’s a, to say the least, funny way of presenting your ideas to customers.
    What’s, again – to say the least, ridiculous is this reply from Inspire (/article/72). I wonder if those people even understand what’s going on here: they made a web page on which they should discuss and explain decisions made regarding the application etc. design, yet they have to explain what they meant with their own web page design! It makes no sense in year 2008! For Pete’s sake, authors are explaining what might be improved in page design in the future and those are all things web standards solved like decade ago!
    And this is why I started with comments on prices – I really cannot or will not believe that smart guys like yourself or xd team would make such dumb decisions or approve them. I believe that those have been thrown down on you and now you have to stand in the middle of cloud of s**t and deal with the feedback. I, therefore, hope that you can pass the comments from your blog and from Inspire to those who made decision to build whole sites in flash (Adobe store, Inspire). If they took them serious enough, like Adobe Gripes, perhaps this could be stopped before it goes too far.
    Thanx for the space and best regards from EU.

  4. Lovely. Their feedback form requires me to sign in with my Adobe ID, but like so many other flash applications running in Safari 3.1.2 on Mac OS X 10.4.11 with Flash 9.0r124, it won’t let me type into those flash text-fields. As Chris said: FAIL!
    And if I get tired of being bombarded by ads on teh intertubes and shut off flash (the way I run 90% of the time), it shows me a completely blank page. Not even a prompt telling me I need flash. C’mon kids, this is web 0.1 (it’s a remedial level not-for-credit course).
    Don’t make me come out there to splain this to you.
    Okay. Back to my vacation.

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