Bay Area + Bridge?

We’re planning some customer visits, so if you’re located in the Bay Area and might like to chat face-to-face about Adobe Bridge, drop me a line.  We’d like to learn more about how people use the app across a variety of workflows, and to discuss the app–past, present, and future.  Whether or not the timing works out for this set of visits (we’re targeting the week of the 27th), it would be good to be in touch.




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  1. I’m there, but I doubt it’s worth a whole visit because I really only have one thing to ask. I use the Bridge as a replacement for the Finder. I generally have two windows open, allowing me to easily organize files by dragging them from one window to another. Works great (except that it thinks a lot of the files are 0kb). My only request is that the Bridge be able to remember the number of windows you had open, and their positions on the screen, so I don’t have to set them up from scratch everyday.

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