CS4 desktops, screensavers now available

Adobe evangelist Terry White has posted some CS4 logo desktop images plus screensavers for Mac & Windows. (Just to spare you any suspense, the screensavers are pretty minimal; here’s a screenshot.)

6 thoughts on “CS4 desktops, screensavers now available

  1. A screenshot of a screensaver? There’s some sort of irony in that.
    [Maybe I could do a drawing in grease pencil or something, then describe that through an interpretive dance. –J.]

  2. You have got to be kidding! Don’t you see that human figure in the CS4 logo? It’s a guy on his knees, with his hands behind his back. (The latter a subject of much and varied undignified speculation.)
    [I don’t see it, but I guess people see that kind of thing frequently. –J.]
    It’s been the object of vast ridicule since it made its debut at the time of the pre-announcement of the announcement of the CS4 release.

  3. What is up with that logo John? I heard you used to work for a design agency before Adobe? Do you feel me on this one?
    [Man, I have years’ worth of scar tissue from the flames over the CS3 icons. My feedback about all things CS4 was… noted. –J.]
    Is this the marketing department warming up the customers for the new logo for CS5? I really like the whole minimal periodic table of elements vibe the current line up has. From a design / marketing stand point I have to say that logo looks a bit dis-jointed from everything else…? No? Ya? Love CS4 though!!!

  4. The web filter that my work uses blocks Terrys website, apparently it falls into the ‘Illegal Drugs’ category
    [Man, the Suite is a drug?? –J.]

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