Kim Jong 'Shop

The popular & long-running News of the Weird eventually has to retire stories (e.g. ill-informed guys playing Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic pistol) that have repeated themselves out of weirdness.  I’m starting to get that feeling about shady government attempts to digitally manipulate reality.


Recently we had the Chinese antelope, followed by Iranian missiles. Now, apparently, the North Korean news agency has engaged in "communist photoshopaganda"–making ailing leader Kim Jong-il appear fit enough to stand with his troops. 

When the Dear Leader does kick the can (if he hasn’t already), maybe the propagandists will engage in a whole "Weekend at Kim’s" series, propping up his remains in all kinds of fun contexts. (He’s already got the Elvis specs & a slammin’ physique, so the possibilities seem endless.) [Via Jerry Harris & many others]

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