Recent Flash goodness

Here’s a handful of good, immersive swiffiness I’ve run across lately:


  • This Is Reality takes "clean coal" technology to task.  I love the aesthetics, though after about six episodes of running the poor canary into a wall, I had to bail.
  • I found Cadbury’s pastoral Glass And A Half Full Productions via the bizarre drumming gorrilla I mentioned the other day.
  • Red Bull’s The Red Bulletin starts with a 3D globe, then heads into racecar territory. [Via]

3 thoughts on “Recent Flash goodness

  1. First URL gives me RTE right on loading first screen:
    Unable to make connection to server or to find FLV on server
    May be it is just because of my web proxy settings to block FLV videos, but YouTube videos load just fine.

  2. Love the quality of the “Reality” presention.
    Gotta hand it to the bird though. After being involved in that kind of spin, I’m surprised it can even fly at all. …And to think I thought that sort of blatant lying by omission would slow down after the election.

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