Notes on a Flash CS4 update

In response to my mention of a pending update for Photoshop CS4, I got a few reports of problems that have turned up in Flash CS4.  I forwarded them to Richard Galvan, the Flash PM, and he’s now posted some info on his blog.  If you’re a Flash user and have questions or comments on this subject, you may want to read Richard’s notes.

2 thoughts on “Notes on a Flash CS4 update

  1. Dear J and Co.,
    This is more of a general comment to all management at my beloved Adobe. Please slow down. If there is anything that any company needs to learn from Apple is to slow down. Please work out the bugs, get the workflows locked in, stop following deadlines, and maybe throw some .5 updates. Your press conferences lately seem to bore. You guys seem too stiff sometimes; too much like a company really worried about looking good to share holders. Do your own thing, be cool again, and things will be better for all of us. Sales will boom, designers and coders will drink more Starbucks, apple will start making the 15′ MBP with “anti-glare” screens again and just maybe there will be a universal video format. OK the last thing is crazy but I’m crossing my fingers. You guys rock. Thanks for all the hard work.

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