Alien Skin rocks out with Configurator, Flash panels

I’m delighted to see more developers leveraging Flash panel support in Photoshop CS4, delivering new levels of integration and usability. Alien Skin has introduced a pair of panels that drive their cool Snap Art 2 product. They write:

One of [the panels] lets you start any of the Snap Art filters with a single button press. No more navigating deep into the Filter menu! The other panel uses the Snap Art Pencil Sketch filter to make even more photorealistic portraits.

Groovy. “Expect panels for some of our other plug-ins in the coming months,” say the Alien Skin guys, and I look forward to sharing more news from other developers soon.

One thought on “Alien Skin rocks out with Configurator, Flash panels

  1. Great to see, how the number of flash panels is growing.
    My compliment to the Adobe developers for giving us this great expansion possibility.
    I have developed a flash panel that draws rectangular frames around images.
    I need some beta testers for this. If someone is interested, send me an email to for getting a beta version.

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