Lightroom 2.5 and Camera Raw 5.5 Now Available

Lightroom 2.5 and Camera Raw 5.5 are now available as final releases on and through the update mechanisms available in Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2 (choose Help->Updates). Direct download links are here. These updates include camera support for the following models:

  • Nikon D300s
  • Nikon D3000
  • Olympus E-P1
  • Panasonic DMC-FZ35*
  • Panasonic DMC-GF1

Release Notes:

  • Camera Raw 5.5 and Lightroom 2.5 include a correction to the demosaic algorithms for Bayer sensor cameras with unequal green response. Olympus, Panasonic and Sony are among the more popular camera manufacturers affected by this change. The demosaic correction provides a subtle visual improvement to the processing of those raw files.
  • Lightroom 2.5 corrects for the following problem in Lightroom 2.4. Lightroom 2.4 on Windows continued to display the import dialog when a memory card was detected regardless of the preference setting “Show import dialog when a memory card is detected.”

[Via Tom Hogarty/Lightroom Journal]

* Note that in Europe and Japan this model is marketed as the DMC-FZ38. Unfortunately, due to a metadata difference between these cameras, files from the DMC-FZ38 will not be supported until the next Camera Raw and Lightroom updates.

13 thoughts on “Lightroom 2.5 and Camera Raw 5.5 Now Available

  1. Not to be a dick but, maybe you should stop blogging every day and go 110% into getting CS4 and CS3 working on Snow Leopard.
    [You’ll be sorry to hear, then, that you *are* being a dick about it. And my blogging here is proving very helpful in getting customer contact info that we can share with Apple. –J.]
    I understand it’s mostly all Apple’s fault, but how does Adobe let them release a new supposedly faster OSX that CRIPPLES most of CS?
    [I don’t recall being in a position to “let” Apple do anything. –J.]

  2. My apologies.
    You are correct and I really enjoy your blog.
    [Cool, thanks, and no prob. –J.]
    You’re probably not in a position to let them do anything–but it seems like lots of people are having this issue and I was VERY excited to get the 10.6.1 release only to find it really didn’t help much?
    You can understand my frustration.
    [Absolutely. We really do have people working on this around the clock–myself included where possible. –J.]

  3. let me say first i love LR!!
    but for v3 you adobe guys should focus on some points to make image quality better.
    from my own experience (and magazines agree with me on this) CAPTURE ONE has the better image quality.
    so to make LR the best raw tool you have to make the demosaicing algorithm better.
    with capture one i have much better foliage details for example. with LR it often looks like watercolor when you have such tiny detail.
    and yes i know what im doing with sharpnes and noise reduction. 🙂

  4. i wonder if lightroom will get some lens correction soon.
    i mean lens specific corrections like PTLens has.
    i own a lumix lx3 and the LR support is not that good. no camera presets and no lens correction.
    so i use JPG most of the time because the camera JPG engine does such a good job in correcting the distortions you have with 24mm.
    i also read that capture one has better image quality. unfortunatley capture one does not support the LX3. 🙁
    i would love to have the ability to render my RAW files with LR the way the JPG´s look, as a start… but with the ability to rescue highlights and all the other benefits RAW offers.

  5. i hope one day lightroom will get layers.
    to be honest the region tools like the pencil are nice but the workflow would be MUCH MUCH better when you had them on seperate layers not these tiny knobs.
    i prefer to edit a mask that is on it´s own layer, so that i can make the backround invisible or 50% transparent etc.
    i don´t undertand why adobe has not made these image editing tools more like the common photoshop workflow.

  6. I’m one of the very frustrated-Photoshop, including Elements, DreamWeaver and now the latest download of LightRoom crash randomly and often. Can’t anyone at least lie and tell us it will be resolved in a week, or a month or in a year?

  7. Henry – you left out a few details. But I’m going to guess that you’re on Snow Leopard: where all applications are crashing. Apple is working on it.

  8. You’re right – I’m on SN 10.6.1. Apple tech told me to run everything Adobe in 32 bit or Rosetta mode but that didn’t work. Even attaching a Photoshop edited/saved image will cause Entourage to crash. Apple says it’s an Adobe problem; I’m sure Adobe puts some blame on Apple. But I’ve lost so much time that I don’t care who fixes it or takes the blame.

  9. John hallo,
    I hope you can help me with LR 2.5
    After installing it (or after the upgrade to ACR 5.5 ?) when from LR I edit in PS CS4, Lr doen’t show me anymore the box asking “edit original – create a copy – edit copy with LR adjustments” or something similar.
    I reinstalled LR, priorly deleting all the preferences, but nothing changed.
    Also the key Ctrl+shift+R (reset) is not working…. may be other things are KO .. any suggestion ?
    Andrea from Milan – Italy

  10. Update from previous post – I discovered that the box asking “open a copy – copy with LR adjstmnt – ect ..” appears only if the file is not RAW.
    TIF – PSD ect.. the box appears.
    RAF (Fuji) oe RAW it doesn’t appear.
    But when in PS, ACR does not appear.
    It open directly the RAW, and when saving it creates a TIF.
    Using Bridge, it correctly openes ACR from RAW files.
    Why LR doen’t do it anymore ?
    Thanks again,

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