Zooming in Adobe Ideas = Interesting note-taking

Kevin Burg has posted an interesting article on How To Take Notes Like a Champ using the free Adobe Ideas iPad app.  In a nutshell,

Adobe Ideas allows fractalesque zooming. You are able to use vast scale differences to communicate importance as well as benefit from a very flexible canvas, so you almost never run out of space taking notes.

Via David Macy, Ideas PM. For David’s perspective on what Ideas is all about, see previous.

2 thoughts on “Zooming in Adobe Ideas = Interesting note-taking

  1. John,
    Close to diving in to buy IPAD…..will get the adobe ideas. Int reading the link, I did not see where or what the stylus could be bought or brand.
    Any place I could look??
    [I’ve just done some quick Googling so far, and I plan to order a Pogo stylus soon. –J.]
    My best
    Ken in KY

  2. Speaking of Adobe apps for devices, here’s an idea for one:
    Premiere for Android.
    Seriously, this one is wide open right now, and would come in handy for a lot of people. Simply being able to trim a clip and upload to Facebook would be huge. Right now, there’s literally nothing on Android for that (as far as I know), and Apple has a solid solution in place.
    Also, the PS Mobile app really needs a Sharpen tool.

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