Photoshop Automator Actions enhanced, revised for CS5

Author, photographer, and scripter Ben Long has revised his popular set of Automator Actions for Photoshop:

Version 5 brings compatibility with Photoshop CS5, as well as the final release of the CS4 actions… The new Diptych and Triptych actions automate the process of creating two-up, and three-up layouts. With full control over margins and spacing, diptych and triptych creation has never been easier.

The new Contact Sheet action replicates most of the functionality of the Contact Sheet script that is available as an optional install from Adobe. Of course, the advantage of having such power within Automator is that you can now automate the production of your contact sheets. Contact Sheet produces a PSD (either flat or layered) and gives you the option of displaying up to two lines of metadata beneath each thumbnail.

The free bundle includes 41 actions for day-to-day automation needs, and a $20 Pro bundle that includes 95 actions. The two packages are available for Photoshop CS4 and CS5.  Check out Ben’s site for download links & details. [Via]


2 thoughts on “Photoshop Automator Actions enhanced, revised for CS5

  1. At least someone’s making them. God forbid Adobe actually make them. But since Adobe’s Creative Suite pricing scheme is so dirt cheap, it would definitely be asking too much should professionals expect Adobe to actually create a nice set of Creative Suite Automator actions that nicely bridge the gaps between their overextended product line.
    As people, I’m sure the lot of Adobe employees are fine human beings, but as a company? Let’s just say the only reason some of us are still with your products is because of a lack of competition.
    The other day I was having a friendly debate with a coworker of mine, and he was adamant that the reason so many Adobe products have degraded into turds over the last 10 years is because Adobe has become exceptionally lazy. I fully disagreed with him, explaining that I’m convinced Adobe has become stupid. The first big indicator was when Adobe was so keen on acquiring Flash, demonstrating a backward-looking strategy. Dumb, dumb, dumb. And still Adobe wastes their resources peddling all of this Flash garbage while the rest of the Creative Suite continues to rot. None of us users has any idea exactly what happened to Adobe products, we used to enjoy them, but today we can’t wait for a new generation of tools to come onto the scene. None of us are holding our breath waiting for Adobe to do this, not by a long shot.

  2. Even though I don’t use the pro version features much, I still bought the pro package. The best way to get developers to keep making these great tools is to pay them, especially when they’re so reasonably priced.

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