Video: Stop-motion excellence from Levi’s

I love the flavor of this cross-country roadtrip video from Levi’s:

It gets cooler when you check out the behind-the-scenes video (featuring things like a “MacGyver-style” protractor made in Photoshop):

[Tangential, inside-baseball note: A big, wet, sloppy kiss to the folks at YouTube for now allowing one to specify the dimensions for embedded video. I can’t tell you how many times I used a blank document in Photoshop to calculate how to scale object height to match a certain width. Adios to all that!]

2 thoughts on “Video: Stop-motion excellence from Levi’s

  1. Whoa..
    The behind the scenes technique and process is far different than I might have guessed. Really Meticulous and Crafty.

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