A look at Color Lava for Photoshop CS5

Last year engineer (and DJ) Christoph Moskalonek & I were talking about what viscerally pleasing creation experiences one could bring to tablets. Having just shipped some great paint-mixing technology in Photoshop CS5, we hit on the idea of mixing colors with multitouch input, then sending the results to Photoshop. In this video clip, Christoph shows the outcome of that investigation:

10 thoughts on “A look at Color Lava for Photoshop CS5

  1. Remember that story you’ve told us John, about a thermometer (I think) on the Apple Newton? This is what this feels like to me. It’s cute; it’s 99% useless; it signifies out-of-whack priorities.
    [I understand your point, but I’d ask for a little patience: you’re seeing the icing, not the full cake. Doing one thing doesn’t mean you aren’t doing any others, on desktop or on devices. –J.]

  2. I am excited about these apps, but a lot of the coverage I have seen so far makes it sound like the apps are available now. But they are not, right? When I check the app store I cannot find any of these new tablet apps available. Is that correct or am I missing something?
    [You’re correct: The apps will ship soon, when CS 5.5 is released. Glad to hear that you’re liking what you’re seeing. –J.]

  3. BigJoe is right. It is 99% useless unless you are an artist. Then it opens up a whole new world of working with color and getting that color in to Photoshop.
    I also have to look at this as just the beginning. With the Touch SDK I can’t wait to see what third parties come up with.
    My one wish now is for the iPad to support pressure sensitivity.
    Things are getting very interesting for artists. Adobe finally put in some good real media brush features and now this color mixing. Not only does it make Photoshop more powerful and useful it makes your iPad an even better investment.

  4. Too bad for me but the Adobe TV clips here just stutter and stop all the way through. And since the player doesn’t cache them, playing them again doesn’t help. I know its not up to you and I appreciate you sharing these cool clips, but for some reason YouTube and Vimeo work fine, Adobe TV, no so much.
    [Sorry about the hassle. I’ll pass along your feedback. I know that those guys are making some changes to improve compatibility with non-Flash-enabled devices. –J.]

  5. BigJoe hit the nail. Useless in the real world. Sorry to be so harsh but there are very useful Photoshop tools that desperately need help – multithreading lens blur and making vanishing point useable come to mind. Instead Adobe is putting resources into smoke and mirrors.
    Let’s suppose for a moment that it is useful. How long will/can an app like this be supported? It’s an important question. My guess is not very long. Then the artists who have come to rely on it will be angry Adobe customers. Not a good business model IMO.
    OT – I like the comment in the video… “You can mix colors on it like a REAL painter would.” : )

    1. BigJoe & Craig, a few comments on your criticism. First, software development is not a zero sum game. You can’t just take X hours from one development project and apply them to something else. Having someone spend time doing work that seems frivolous to you does not automatically mean less other work is going to get done. Second, R&D is extremely valuable for a company that wants to maintain an edge in any field. Time spent on something like this is usually not wasted, even if the end result is completely useless.

  6. It seems to me that Lava,and Easel are more creative than productive tools as they enter the arena. I’m kinda surprised as to the negative tone in this comments thread. The horsepower of the apps is how differently they may allow me to work, different is not necessarily more, yet for me the Adobe Innovation in Photoshop and other CS products, has opened up different ways of working that ultimately satisfy me, and define and refine my creative work. Embracing this has raised my own level of personal best.
    What is , or is there any, color management technicalities between the pad and the desktop with Lava.
    I’d love to hear more on the thoughts and research (the behind the scenes) of the development of the finger gesture UI, with Easel.

  7. I’m very thrilled with this new equipment that you have introduced recently… Hope to received this new tools for my pictures that I’ve been trying to overlook the real deal because of your new product I hope that will resolved my issues with this pictures that I’m trying to repair. Thank you hope to hear or see some kind of emails from you guys. I appreciated so much.

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