6 thoughts on “Watercolor effects in Adobe Eazel for iPad

  1. Eazel, Color Lava and Nav will only work on the iPad and the iPad 2. When you ‘transmit’ a painting to Photoshop, its re-created from scratch at 2048×1536 (on the iPad the painting is at 1024×768) with improved quality (like anti-aliasing).
    All 3 apps will be available in the AppStore in May.

  2. Watercolor without pressure sensitivity and brush dynamics is a pretty limited analog to the real medium. The result is “wormy” paint strokes that limit the styles that are achievable.
    [Believe me, I tell any tablet vendor who will listen about the importance of pressure sensitivity. Adobe Ideas skirts the limitation by making it possible to vary brush size/opacity with one finger while drawing with another. Conceivably Eazel could do something similar, but yes, the richer the input data, the more interesting things software can do. –J.]

  3. This is really cool. Can’t wait to try it. I must say that for some reason this video gave me the impression of a more relaxed/approachable Adobe. I love the Apple “look” of all their communications and marketing and I think Adobe could benefit from their own style too. This video works for me in that way. Maybe I’m hallucinating but just thought I’d mention it.

  4. Will Eazel an other painting apps be made compatible for iPad 3? If so, when can that be expected? Thank you.

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