Photoshop Touch: Easily fade images together

While building Photoshop Touch, we’ve constantly sought to balance simplicity & power. For this release, we opted not to include Photoshop-style layer masks (powerful, but not exactly trivial to understand). Instead we incorporated what we think is a simpler, more direct way to achieve a common use of masking. In this short video Russell Brown demonstrates the Add Fade command:

3 thoughts on “Photoshop Touch: Easily fade images together

  1. Curious when the estimated ship date is.
    [The newly announced touch apps will ship on Android in November, after which we plan to bring them to iOS. (Sorry, we can’t be more specific about the latter. I know that’s frustrating.) –J.]

  2. With all those sub-options and sub-clicks for the positions, end-point subtleties and opacities, it seems more confusing, more complex and less natural than a proper Photoshop style layer mask would be.
    [Really? It’s just a gradient–no more complex than what Photoshop would show. One advantage PS Touch has over CS5 is the on-canvas preview/handles. True, with CS5 you wouldn’t see anything on canvas & that does indeed look simpler, but that approach is much more subject to trial & error. –J.]
    I hope that there is still the possibility that layer masks will arrive in the finished product?
    [Not in v1, no. –J.]

  3. Dear designers.
    Please include layer mask in the new version. I really love it in the cs3 and I’d like to also have it in my tablet.
    Thank you

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