Photoshop Touch for Android gets new functionality

Now available on the Android Market:

Export to PNG and PSD functionality
When choosing Save to Camera Roll or Share by E-mail or on uploading to Creative Cloud, you can now save to either JPEG, PSD, or PNG.

Improved image quality of images saved to the local Camera Roll/Gallery
Save to Camera Roll saves out JPEGs which are compressed with max quality now instead of medium quality.

Improved compatibility with Android 4.0
This update addresses some issues related to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) compatibility; including resolving the in-app log-in issues with the Adobe Creative Cloud website.

General bug fixes and performance enhancements
Several performance and memory handling improvements (including Pinch & Zoom and Refine Edge).

Back button improvements
Standard Android Back button is accessible when it wasn’t previously. This button supports returning prior to screens and can be used for easier folder navigation.


As for the iOS release, I still can’t provide a specific release date, but rest assured folks are working hard to get it out ASAP.

19 thoughts on “Photoshop Touch for Android gets new functionality

    1. I bet they released it at the same time, but it may take days or even weeks to be available in the App Store. Even, if it’s “just” an update.

  1. I just don’t understand why given Adobe’s size and the money they have why they can’t release iOS and Android apps at the same time. Adobe comes across a bit lame when they do this. By the time they get an iOS version out I will have been using a competing product long enough that Adobe will have forever lost a possible customer. Lame Adobe lame!

  2. ASAP isn’t S enough!
    I can’t wait, very excited.
    Rich, I, for one, am glad that they are writing the apps in platform specific code, instead of cross-platform stuff. While it’s definitely nice from a developing standpoint to have a single, cross-platform coding setup, I have yet to see any single-code iOS/Android apps that look and work as well as I hope. Developing for the relative strengths of the platform is great.
    Was there ever an explanation why they went Android first on this? Given the marketshare of the iPad, it seems like a very interesting choice.

    1. I can see the “logic” in building native apps, but it would seem that, since Adobe builds and markets AIR that they should “drink their own cool aid” and build apps on their own platform. Plus, I”m Flex/Java developer currently learning about mobile development on both Android and iOS because I fear for the future of Flash/Flex and ultimately AIR as a platform. If Adobe seemed committed to it I would feel better.
      [PS Touch *is* done in AIR. We’re just not making a big deal about it as most customers likely won’t care one way or the other. They just want good tools that work well. –J.]

  3. How long really should these fixes really take? Our company Charleston Snapped Photography has to do application compatibility testing all the time for our mobile site.

  4. Thanks for the update, John. It’s hard to wait for the iOS versions of the Touch suite, but I am sure it’ll be worth it. Hope the team knows we’re excited.

  5. Hoping that the people working so hard to bring this to iOS have counterparts in the Android group that will bring Adobe Revel to Android+PC.

  6. I guess I will just have to purchase an Android device since Adobe isn’t releasing these for iOS. NOT!
    What is Adobe thinking? You’re not punishing us, you’re punishing yourself, Adobe.

  7. I can only assume that Adobe is attempting to encourage Android tablet sales as much as possible by releasing this on Android first. It’s interesting to note that virtually all photographers, either professional, or advanced amateur, use iPads as their tablet of choice, as there are a good number of pro level apps available, and therefor, there’s no reason to buy anything else.
    This app is the only reason to buy an Android tablet, if someone just can’t wait for it to appear on an iPad, or if they just can’t imagine themselves ever buying an Apple product.
    This won’t work on a cheap tablet very well, so one won’t save any money by going to Android. I can’t think of any other reason why Adobe is doing it this way. So far, John has refused to get into this controversy.

    1. While anything but brilliant, this was the best theory I could come up with as well. Unfortunately there is no way I’ve been able to frame it that manages to pass the “Kyle test”. i.e. some super manager named Kyle with an slip of paper from the UMN Carslon School of Management thinks that this is the right “strategic” call. Meanwhile the creatives of the world aren’t even laughing anymore. Instead the majority have moved on to embrace independent creative software from people that actually seem to “get it”.
      Thankfully JoNa is drinking in life right now by challenging the boundaries of his perspective and experiencing an alien lifestyle. Very admirable, very commendable, and very respectable. I love this guy. How Adobe has managed to keep him on staff this long without driving him away with their absolute boobery is beyond me.
      Carpe diem everybody! It’ll all be over before you know it!

    1. No, this is Adobe. Several months ago, they said at the event for this that we wouldn’t see it on iOS for months after it came out on Android.

  8. By the way, why does it require “read contacts”- and “phone state”-permissions? Doesn’t make sense to me.
    [I’ve checked with the team, and you shouldn’t be seeing prompts like that. I’m not sure what could be causing them. Any ideas? –J.]

  9. Sorry JoNa, but pimping updates to “Adroid” prior to an iOs release is telling. Not a personal attack. Just curious as to which “Executive Manager” named Kyle the rest of us can ping so as to remind him what a pathetic job he’s doing.

  10. Does the “Improved image quality of images saved to the local Camera Roll/Gallery” means that it can now finally save files bigger than 1600×1600? If not why the limitation?
    Snapseed can save full 12MP files on my iPhone 4 so there really is no excuse not to save bigger files.
    [Snapseed is a different kind of app, and it doesn’t support layers. –J.]
    I am waiting for this to be available on Android but I would buy Photoshop immediately if they could support full size files.

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