You can put 16GB of RAM in a MacBook Pro

I mention it A) because I just ordered a new machine*, and B) people seem not to know about this capacity. Adobe’s Jason Levine says the upgrade is fast, easy–and now cheap.

I’ve always been a sucka for tons of memory, having jammed an eye-popping 512MB into my first PowerBook at Adobe (2000!). When I priced an 8GB upgrade on 3 years ago, it cost $1200–as much as a MacBook + Apple TV. Now Apple will let you go from 4 to 8GB for $200. Strangely, though, they don’t list a 16GB option–which OWC offers for $249.

*This is part of my perverse effort to bring you high-DPI laptops: by ordering a current machine now, I ensure the arrival of a better option moments later. (See also my sales of ADBE and pretty much any other stock or commodity, ever.) I am, if nothing else, a man who *gives*.

11 thoughts on “You can put 16GB of RAM in a MacBook Pro

  1. I’ve been recommending that 16GB upgrade to my clients for over a year now – totally the way for photo and video pros to go! WOrks great.
    I too am waiting for the MBP refresh due in 2 weeks with faster processors and HiDPI displays…

  2. I hear you — it’s like why I always carry an umbrella around, when it might rain. As soon as I decide “Nah…I don’t need it”, then WHAM! Downpour.
    I keep telling people that I’m lugging the umbrella around for their sake, but they don’t seem to appreciate it _nearly_ enough.

  3. IT always cool to have a lot of RAM, but I think that Software in general has to become more efficient at resource usage.
    [Yeah, let’s hold our breath on that one; you go first. πŸ˜‰ –J.]

  4. Indeed you can! There was a deal at Fry’s the other day- 16gb for about $109. I jumped right on that, popped it in my MBP and never looked back!

  5. it gets even better if you replace the main disk with an SSD for a fast OS + cache and the DVD player with the OWC kit where you can put a 1TB HDD for convenient storage dedicated to work files. 20minutes and the operation is done!

    1. I did exactly what GAntico said when I got my MBP last August, and I couldn’t be happier. the performance increase from the SSD is stunning. Boots fast, apps launch at lightning speed and Photoshop and any other disk caching app simply flies. I back up frequently and religiously though, as I’ve heard horror stories of SSD sudden deaths…

  6. So what was the last stock you SOLD? πŸ˜‰
    [Adobe, as I had some very old options that were due to expire. Right on schedule, the stock popped north immediately afterward. My generosity is extreme! –J.]

  7. don’t hold back john,,,scrub some vid & let’s see what it takes to shut it down…it’s one thing hav’n 16g & another use’n it …did you turbo the fan?…
    luck den

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