sneak: Automatic preset migration & sharing

Also, Cmd-J duplicates multiple selected layers & layer groups; woo! (“JDI,” for the uninitiated, stands for “Just Do It.”)

8 thoughts on “ sneak: Automatic preset migration & sharing

  1. Has the ALT+SHIT+RCLICK color picker’s behavior been fixed in CS6?
    In CS5.5 you can’t quickly select white, black, or any pure grey colors easily. The minute the cursor leaves the color picker window, the color values stop changing and it is _very_ hard to get the cursor onto pure white or black.
    As it is, I bring the color picker up and change colors by accident all the time (it was very stupid to reuse ALT+SHIFT+RCLICK) and I have to go over to the color pallet to change my brush back to whatever color I actually wanted. In my opinion, the tool is broken as-is.
    You should be able to bring up the color picker, move the cursor off the edge of the picker and move it around the outside of the picker to change values on the edges of the color picker–i.e. move the cursor up and down outside the left edge of the picker to select a value from pure white to pure black, or outside the right edge to select a value from 255-red (or whatever the picker is at when opened) to pure black, and so on.
    It would be even better if the color picker were fixed AND we could remap the shortcut keys that bring it up. Personally I never use colored brushes, but I need to adjust the hardness and size of my brushes all the time, so I’d be thrilled if I could set it up so CS6 behaved just like CS4 in that regard–the old shortcuts are muscle memory at this point.

    1. James, wish you had posted this a week ago. No worries, as you have been heard, hopefully you are a patient soul,

      1. Jerry, thanks for your reply and sorry for shit/shift typo int he first sentence of my post.
        As long the color picker fix makes into CS6 at some point, I’ll be happy. The picker is my biggest complaint about PS CS5.5.
        Also, I just read the JDI doc that someone posted and the brush opacity shortcut is really exciting! Please, please, please make it so us brush/mask junkies can reassign the [CTRL|ALT|SHIFT]+RCLICK shortcut keys so that one controls size, one controls hardness, and one controls opacity, without having to worry about whether we’re dragging vertically or horizontally.

      2. Oh, and one other question–has deep stack blend-mode rendering been improved in CS6? It’s always irritated me that if I have half a dozen layers set to, say, “darker color”, the image that Photoshop displays on screen is very different from the image I’ll wind up with when I flatten the file.

        1. A bit more patient that that I am afraid. but we did listen.
          So on the 2nd question, what image depth are you at, and what zoom level when previewing. Guessing this is a case of either 16 bit previewing at 8 bit when <= 50%, or compositing then decimating != decimating then compositing.

          1. 8 vs 16 bit doesn’t have any effect on the rendering, but zooming in to 50% makes it look fine. Thanks for the tip. I feel kinda foolish for never having spotted that myself. Instead I’ve been working around it by grouping layers into smart objects.
            Still, it’s something I hope gets improved. It’s an infrequent annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless.

  2. please tell me the shortcut key of color picker in adobe photoshop cs6.
    because the key [ ctrl+shift+right click ]
    does not work in cs6

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