Sneak peek: InDesign CS6

The new Content Collector tools make it easier to reuse content, whether you’re using it in different ways within the same layout, in multiple layouts within a document, or in more than one document. Check out the 1-minute demo:

11 thoughts on “Sneak peek: InDesign CS6

  1. To Scarbom’s point, how is this any different from a clipboard? If it is then this isn’t a very effective demo.

  2. i’m just surprised adobe didn’t decide to sell this content collector tool as its own application! then they could spend the next 10 upgrade cycles *slowly* “integrating” it across applications (poorly and with inconsistent ui and shortcut keys). lol.
    sorry john. i would really, really like to *love* adobe again. but this is just not the way forward.

  3. And here I was hoping that “making it easier to reuse content” meant the return of a HTML export that didn’t make me go to epub first. Oh, well.
    (Movie is dead on April 7, BTW. Tried three different Windows browsers. But comments make it clear that this isn’t the reuse I’m looking for.)

  4. Scarbom, I’m curious about your comment. What exactly do you mean when you say this isn’t the way forward? Are you talking about products like Edge, Muse and Shadow?

  5. Andrew:
    edge, muse and shadow? they sound more like characters in a teen paranormal romance than design tools, no?
    — i’m talking about the idea that if i’m designing for something digital, keynote is a better tool right now than anything adobe has ever produced.
    adobe’s ui flash panels have been nothing but a sloppy, bug-ridden disgrace. and fireworks just makes me cry. and why are there all these other applications anyway? why not just fix-and-then-extend fireworks?

  6. When will InDesign finally get tools for usability designers and information architects??? Omnigraffle type functionality. Auto connecting arrows, proper stencils palette AND prototyping tools please!!! This is a huge market. Get with it please! Thanks…

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