Demo: Adaptive Wide-Angle Correction in CS6

As I’ve said before:
Artificial intelligence: Good.
Your intelligence: Better.
The two together: Best.
Building on the automated lens correction features we introduced in CS5, Photoshop’s Adaptive Wide-Angle Correction makes it easy to specify constraint lines based on your real-world knowledge:

8 thoughts on “Demo: Adaptive Wide-Angle Correction in CS6

  1. PS6 looks like an absolutely incredible release! Congratulations. I can’t wait for the final product.
    It is just amazing what you guys can do with a 20 year old product. Power to you guys (and gals)!
    [Thanks, Arnon! –J.]

  2. I thought this was gimmicky until I tried it. It’s actually pretty impressive for dealing with perspective issues without introducing some unpleasant artifacts of other correction methods. You have to be careful to get enough lines in, though: I’ve had situations where buildings suffered from some fun-house-mirror distortion.

  3. Shooting architectural photos with a rectilinear lens: Besterest.
    I may find some uses for this tool (if I remember it’s available), but this isn’t an image problem that had me wishing for a new Photoshop tool to address.

    1. Actually, I’ve been hoping for a feature like this for several versions now. I thought CS5 was on the right track with Puppet Warp (before that it was trying to straighten with just plain old Warp). If only a local distortion correction like this could find it’s way into Lightroom/Camera Raw… No matter, I’ll still be upgrading to CS6!

  4. It’s easy to use magic that ya’ll at Adobe keep creating that makes it great to be alive in this age of photographic revolution! Thanks for sharing this John – and thanks to Adobe for these gifts that allow us to convert our visions of the world into amazing tangible objects.
    ps. Any update on the “magic” de-blur/focusing technology?

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