MBA's: Come join the Revel team

The Adobe Revel team is hiring a summer intern with a passion for photography to work on this exciting, transformative product. Job responsibilities include:

  • Defining the next version of Revel
  • Understanding the market and customers
  • Structuring experiments and research to forge ahead in uncharted territory
  • Driving the definition of features, working with the experience design and engineering teams
  • Defining metrics for success to guide further feature development across multiple releases per year

Check out the job listing page for more info: MBA Product Manager Intern for Adobe Revel (14949). [Via Sumner Paine]

One thought on “MBA's: Come join the Revel team

  1. Are you serious? Adobe wants someone with a Masters in Business Administration from a top tier school, 2 to 3 years experience at a tech startup, and is a serious photographer, to be a SUMMER INTERN?!?
    This is the sort of job listing I used to see at the notorious website F***

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