Exaggerating motion in video

Normally we work so hard to reduce motion in video (e.g. bringing the awesome Warp Stabilizer from After Effects to Premiere Pro CS6). There are cases, though (e.g. monitoring a heartbeat, or the breathing of a baby) where one wants to do just the opposite. Here’s an interesting demo:

[Via Pedro Estarque]

3 thoughts on “Exaggerating motion in video

  1. Wow. Is any of this possible in After Effects? Esp. the color change as a person’s heart pumps blood through their face?

  2. John, I do biomechanical analysis of people to determine if there is too much/little motion in the body from the ground up. It seems to me if you could control the variable for velocity you could use this to analyze problems with human motion during walking. Excessive motion would be revealed or abnormal motion. This would be useful for improving human motion and predicting problems such as who is more likely to fall in elderly populations. Do you know how to contact the author?

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