Photoshop CS6 & Retina display support

From the Photoshop Facebook page:

What do the iPhone 4, new iPad and new MacBook Pro have in common?  Awesome Retina displays. Photoshop CS6 appeared onstage at WWDC, showing how we’ll soon provide unparalleled fidelity, power and precision on this exciting new hardware. It’s not ready for prime time just yet, but the team is hard at work to bring what you saw on stage to the desktop in the future!

(Nice to see the prominent use of an eye.) I don’t have further details (date, info about other apps) to share at the moment.
[Update: The release is due this fall (i.e. within the next couple of months). It’s a big task.]

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  1. I am psyched to see this and will be first in line for the new Macbook Pro with Retina and ditching the dinosaur MacPro Desktop that they have let stagnate

  2. The retina display is gorgeous! Will I be able to utilize it in all it’s glory with Lightroom 4?

  3. Very cool. Can’t wait to get my new MBP and the CS6 update.
    Btw, I have been so happy with CS6 photoshop. The fact to be able to do open shape strokes is really great!

  4. It would be nice to see retina support on the entire creative suite eventually! I’m not in a rush, I going to wait until new retina iMac arrives (so it can take a while 😉

  5. sorry that im so naiv… but what exactly is this about?
    higher resolution screens for mobile devices?
    i know not a single professionell who uses his mobile phone or tablet for editing with photoshop.
    and for the desktop, i have already the resolution of the new macbooks with my TFT.
    so what is all the fuss about?

  6. Hi-
    Those of us who just paid for cs6 , will we get e new retina update as a software update ? Or are you only going to provide it to the creative cloud customers.

  7. Very,very cool.
    Adobe photoshop is a massive programme that seems to have taken years to master, but with help like this it makes it so much easier and more fun being able to see the results instantly rather than frustratingly using the try it delete it and try it again method.
    Can’t wait update. 🙂

  8. I’m also interested in if and when LR 4 will get retina support. Will this be rolled out as a minor auto-update to Photoshop CS 6 and Lightroom or will it be included as a feature in a future release?

  9. I was about to order CS6 however will now hold off until it is confirmed that support for the new 15″ MacBook Retina display will be as a free update rather than something I have to pay extra for. Any advice much appreciated.

  10. I just got back from the Apple Store in Albany, NY and have to say that I won’t be buying the new MBP until CS6 is all Retina-capable. They had a copy of CS5.5 running on a Retina MBP so I gave her a test drive. For any professional designer, this combo is down right unacceptable. Unless you are zoomed in to 3200%, everything is jaggy and blurry. Working in Illustrator actually makes your display look like you have it set to a horrendously lower resolution. I will be waiting…

    1. Not seeing what you are describing on my 15″ with CS6. This is using AI and PS applications. They look just like a regular display does. Just FYI
      I am looking forward to Adobe’s update though 🙂

  11. Hello Adobe! Anyone HOME? Anyone Listening? I just bought the MBP Retina Display and was about to Order CS6 Master Collection – but after reading the issues with the Awesome MBP 15 RD – I am holding off UNTIL I hear from ADOBE that there will be a free upgrade!!! ADOBE – The SILENCE is DEAFENING!! I was always told that the customer service is Non-Existant – but now there appears to me a major disconnect between the Number 1 Media Engine/MBP and the software – And don’t even think about using this to force us to use “The Cloud”… Hello? Adobe? Anyone out there???? Some Corp Statements will EASE the Angst! Thank You!

  12. Patience please, as only a handful of adobe folks knew of this secretive effort. Most on the team learned of it at the same moment as the rest of the world.

  13. Just chiming in again…. I would love to hear whether Adobe is planning on supporting retina across the board in CS 6 and whether this will be in a new version or a .X upgrade.
    John, there are a lot of us holding off on CS6 until we know for certain that it will work with the new MBP retina. Do you have room to speak on behalf of Adobe to speak on which programs will be supported and a rough timeline?
    [I’m afraid I’ve shared all I’m able to share right now, Daniel. I hope to share more details soon. –J.]

  14. I echo the frustrations of the above user. I have read over a dozen company statements regarding the timeline for each of their products incorporating the new higher res graphics and adobe, a leader in the graphic community, has been disrespectfully silent to it’s user base. A simple, “It will take us two months to update our interface graphics across the creative suite. Priority is Photoshop, After effects…” It’s not hard to scope work and come up with a response when you’re concerned with the customer first.

  15. I have a MacBook Pro retina and it works, but not a the native resolution. it doubles everything so you cannot get a 100% view at true pixels.
    I get around it by plugging into a external display that works at 1x.

  16. Guys, there’s one single device on the market with this kind of screen. We’re pretty lucky that Adobe’s going to bother updating at all. How big a percantage of their users are likely to be using this machine? <5%? Just relax and be patient…
    Posted from my Retina MBP 😛

    1. Adobe Defender,
      I’m quite relaxed. And really would lose any sleep if adobe came out and said we’re not going to support it. That’s just it though, they would have to come out and say something. To not address the customers, even 1% of them, especially when they are asking is poor customer service.
      Relaxingly Yours,

    2. Only 1 device? It’s actually 4 devices: iPhone 4, 4s; iPad 3; MacBook Pro. True, only one is non-mobile, but the trend is that retina displays are replacing non-retina displays on every major hardware release from Apple for the past 2 years. It’s only a matter of time before MacBook Airs are updated to Retina, then iMacs.
      Also, graphic artists are likely to jump on the retina display at a MUCH faster rate. I did, and I’m just a graphic design hobbyist (but I’m the principal designer for about 8 businesses). Imagine my disgust at not finding retina support from Adobe, especially where most needed, Illustrator and InDesign.
      With a 220 ppi density plus antialiasing (easily equivalent to 440-660 ppi without antialiasing), I was hoping to not have to print until designs were final, but it looks like we won’t maximize the display’s potential for a while.

  17. Adobe customer support and track record of selling long overdue bugfixes as paid updates (I’m looking at you Fireworks) is just outrageous. I expect nothing less from the Creative Suite retina upgrade

  18. I wonder when Adobe will announce support for CS6 on RD and if the CS6 SW will be compatible with Mountain Lion. Just wait till end of July to see if I gonna purchase a MBP RD and the CS6 SW.
    I also wonder why it is so complicated that leading companies like Apple and Adobe come to an agreement that the Adobe Software is already compatible with the new HW from Apple when they release it.
    It’s just a pain in the … when they don’t tell you customer important information.
    But let’s wait till end of July and see if I update and upgrade HW and SW or still stay old fashion!!!!

  19. My biggest question, is whether or not a new Photoshop optimized for retina display will require a new purchase entirely. Will it be as simple as a downloaded update? I’m slightly worried here!

  20. Please tell me we won’t have to wait till 6.5 for this. Plugging into an external monitor is a huge pain when you’re working a small college dorm. It’ll be a while before I can get my apartment, but until then I make do with a laptops screen.
    I wish they could release an alpha or beta version of this update.
    Surely I’m not the only one so impatient?

  21. Where is the retina version of Photoshop? It has already been a month since the release of the MPR…

  22. As someone who doesn’t have an external monitor, I’m extremely frustrated at Adobe’s handling of this situation. The creative suite is unusable, currently. Images and text look nothing like their true representations. It’s an embarrassment. The selling point of this computer is that it’s a boon for creative types, yet Adobe has no interest in playing along.

  23. A corp statement or a possible beta would be extremely nice of Adobe to release. I understand that this change only affects a very small number of people, but I know there was a beta version of Photoshop out on display with they announced the MBP Retina. Why can’t we simply have that to chew on until the final version is out. I would rather have something out that has bugs, than something that is unusable as we do today.

  24. Apple hasn’t even upgraded some of their own programs for Retina Macbook Pro yet, such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Garage Band, etc. What’s really a shame about the “potentially” gorgeous new Retina display is how bad it makes everything standard res look. And now all us web developers have to provide double resolution graphics to Retina Macs for images online to look decent. Apple has opened a very deep can of worms with this ultra-high res screen. We’ll be dealing with all these issues for the next 5 years. Welcome to the future.

    1. @ynot – Uhm, did you read the comments. No one cares that adobe, let alone apple, hasn’t updated their apps. It the DEAFENING silence on any syfa of a time table for the update that is pathetic. Especially when other companies (Corel, Google, etc) have at least released statements offering a timetable.

  25. As a photographer I’ve moved to Aperture for the fact it works with the RMBP. Just as the Retina screen has rendered the current Photoshop CS6 unusable on the RMBP so has it in retrospect rendered a non-retina screen unusable for what I do.

  26. I am tired of hearing from techno boobs who buy a new computer and the old software they have won’t run on it, or they buy a new OS and Epson won’t print to it yet, or the buy new software like PS and it won’t run on their abacus. Or maybe they bought something new, and can’t afford to support it with compatible this or that 🙂
    If you want it to run on your abacus, NO PROBLEM. THINK about it and buy something that will run on it.
    Speaking about updates, my recollection is that Adobe’s software requires about 1 (or 2?) update per suite program, whereas Apple is up to 8 on Snow Leopard I think. So who to whine about? and did you buy the first version of a new OS and expect miracles? How stupid. Is this the famed US education system in action?
    Does Adobe every make a mistake? of course. The need to buy CS6 to fix a security flaw was one, and the only one I remember. Stupid, but they fixed relatively soon.
    And retina display? great on small devices where the number of screen inches is limited, but need it on a desktop or laptop? only the brain dead. Don’t mean that it is not more beautiful, but NEED it? give us a break. The people who were creative and productive a week before ‘retina’ are still the same today. Do they want ‘retina’? I have no idea, and don’t care; it is their business. But to whine about everything not being compatible the same instant? GUAFB.
    and a free update of PS for ex to support retina? I have this vague recollection that updates that provide new functions MUST be charged for by US law (no I don’t understand either). But maybe retina support wouldn’t be considered an upgrade, so…

    1. Wow, Adobe next time your employees write on your blog have them tone the emotions down. I think, like Greg said, no time frame has been given on the issue and it can be a tad frustrating since Adobe has continued to be silent on the issue. Well, that is until your post. As am employee I mean 😉
      [What Adobe employee are you referring to? In this thread I don’t see any emotion from anyone employed here. Unaffiliated folks’ opinions are their own. –J.]

    2. Haha, wow. You should have kept your mouth shut, Scott, your inability to read is showing! If you had been paying attention, you’d know the issue isn’t people buying new computers and expecting old software to work right off the bat — it’s that Apple freaking DEMO’D a Retina-supported Adobe Photoshop at the Keynote event, and then Adobe has been completely silent about its release ever since. Ah, comprehension skills — they’re grand!
      OS has nothing to do with anything and wasn’t even mentioned — you’re really outdoing yourself now on the reading skills. And to assume you know what people need in their computer is, quite possibly, the most absurd thing I’ve heard in a long time. Unless you’re of the profession, face it — you don’t know. I know it sucks, and that it’s hard to accept that your wonderful self doesn’t know something, but it’s true. Graphic artists and photographers have battled pixels since their inception, and those days seem to be coming to a close. We’re friggin’ excited — sue us.
      And your “vague recollection” that updates with new features MUST be paying upgrades is LOLworthy. Where did you hear that, The Onion? WTF kind of law would that be?! Bahahah. Oh, you.

      1. There was no demo of Photoshop during the Apple keynote. There was one screenshot, and it probably wasn’t even projected at a high resolution.

  27. Thanks for your rant Scott. I guess you’re angry that your parents wouldn’t buy you a RMBP. Don’t worry, you’re right, for your freshman high school project, there is no difference. For a professional photographer it’s a breakthrough for being able to process work in the field.

  28. Seriously, Scott. The problem is that Photoshop was shown as being retina-ready and now it’s just a prospect.
    And by “brain dead”, I assume you mean a very large percentage of the professional design and development community.

  29. by brain dead I mean the people who expect miracles without thinking. I have done that too.
    Shipping PS was not shown as being retina ready; retina was not even announced when PS was. Keynote? shipping features were frozen long before that I think. and sorry, I couldn’t afford to go there.
    Not an employee of Adobe, and while I ‘lost it’ here, the same comments apply to most? of the web. The Epson Wide format group is another example. OS? not related to retina of course, as you might know with more thinking. It is a similar situation though: “I (the royal I) bought it and nothing I own from my childhood works with it”, sigh…
    I know what people need in their computer? of course not, but it would be nice if they did and planned for it.
    Buy a new computer and what you have doesn’t work with it? sigh, you (we 🙂 should have checked first. I have done that too, though I am more thoughtful now.
    retina a breakthrough? yes, but to expect ‘everything’ to work with it instantly is unreasonable. Same comments are often made about Epson printers, and I would guess that they have more advance notice from Apple. Don’t know of course. Concept also applies to plugins (64 bit a prime though not sole example)
    re updates requiring $. This is well published, but maybe it has changed? Apple even charged $1 a few years back solely to make it legal.
    One further thought on brain dead; I am no exception, I do it too, though not in my original post here.

  30. So – i got them to say “something” but its not worth much…

    “Hi Anders,
    Sorry if i missed your post, it wasn’t ignored, just not seen. My apology.
    Still not ETA on Retina update, wish I could give more information, but there isn’t any to know at this point.
    We’re working on it, just no ETA on when it’ll be done.
    No word on pricing either way at this point.
    Thanks for checking back.
    Be assured that when we know more about a Retina update, we will be posting information about it asap.

    We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  31. It seem that theres still a long wait.. in the meantime i would accept this, if only they could assure me, that it wouldn’t cost anything for people who had bought the software after the announcement – which would include all RTMB owners.

  32. Guys, there is a very easy way to get Photoshop and every other CS6 application to display your content properly on a Retina display. Install SwitchResX and select the 2880×1800 resolution. This is NOT a scaled mode and will give you a 1:1 ratio for everything on your screen. This means that the UI – everything – will be tiny as if you are squeezing a 2880×1800 desktop into a 15″ space.
    Once you make this change, CS6 will run natively in the 2880×1800 mode and give you 1:1 goodness.

    1. I’m sorry to say but your solution doesn’t work for me. I installed the app and changed the settings to 2880×1800, everything got smaller exactly as you said, but when I started Photoshop, my mac Switched back to normal resolution… any suggestions?

  33. Please give us an estimate as how long we can expect to wait for this retina CS6 update. A few more weeks? Months? Please and thanks. Really looking forwards to this.

  34. Does anybody here have any clue when the update will be available because i’ts getting kind of frustrating to have a brand new laptop on which i can’t work!!!! if anybody knows anything please tell, Thank you!

  35. DITTO to all of the above! Just purchased the retina display laptop for work on the road and was shocked to discover that it is taking me twice as long to work on each file due the blurred images at anything less then 100% zoom. This is a disappointment but more importantly it is costing me a tremendous amount of time and money.
    Please let your loyal customers know when you expect a fix so we at least have the option of NOT purchasing a work laptop that will not help you finish your work on the road! Unfortunately, I need the software to work correctly more then I need the retina display!

  36. Luckily I didn’t buy the new MacbookPro Retina thanks to the deep research I made, but I DO need a new computer! I use CS5.5 and was thinking of upgrading to CS6… But what if CS6 doesn’t get retina update, and retina will only be supported in a future version?
    OK, I know you maybe can’t give us an exactly date on retina support, but can you please at least give us some kind of an “timeframe”? 1 month? 5 months? 1 year? Will CS6 get the support for retina?
    Please communicate with your customers. Don’t go Apple “we don’t say anything until release” style!

  37. I’m currently using CS5 and will wait until Adobe releases a fully retina capable version of CS6 before I make my purchase. For the premium adobe charges I don’t expect anything less.

    1. Yep, we’re in the same boat – holding off on upgrading our agency until it’s been fixed, which is frustrating, we’d LIKE to give Adobe our money for CS6 (and beyond).

  38. I am sure they will release an update for CS6 look at the title page of the post it says “photoshop CS6…”

  39. I’ll ask it once again, can you just give us an estimation of how long we have to wait? of course I can Imagine that you don’t have an exact date and time, but an estimation would be more than welcome right now! by the way, are you guys just working on a Photoshop update or are you updating all your software?

  40. I use Premiere and After Effects a lot in my video work. I want to get the Retina Display Macbook Pro, which seems ideal for video work. I don’t want to be forced to use pixelated looking Adobe Apps that do weird stuff (like the screen capture thing with Photoshop).
    Final Cut Pro X is just ok (in my opinion) and I don’t like it as much as Premiere (which has dynamic link capability with After Effects).
    I’m tempted to get it and just start using Final Cut Pro X anyway just because it looks great with the new display.

  41. Erm … I run Creative Cloud and all the CS6 stuff … Photoshop, Illustrator and a few others …. and I have a Retina Macbook Pro. NO issues whatsoever … I don’t understand why people are having issues and saying stuff is blurry or pixelly. It’s not. It’s not retina ready but it’s hardly any worse than ‘normal …

  42. Would be nice to get some information on the roadmap for the Adobe Apps. I use the Creative Cloud – and love it. Photoshop and Lightroom are fine (not great) on the Retina display – but InDesign is abysmal! Text in InDesign looks really really bad. So bad that I use my windows desktop for most layout-work – and so bad that I am a bit embarrassed to show my work to clients using InDesign.
    Adobe is ususally very upfront with customers – what is the holdup here?

  43. Hello dear friends.
    Please update your software for Retina displays.
    Do it by Friday.
    Or I’ll have to fire up missiles to your office.
    V. V. Putin

  44. It looks like adobe won’t say anything about the update for photoshop or the whole cs6 out here, so let me ask you another question:
    you have a keynote coming up at Photoshop World Vegas. Will you be telling anything then? or is the update finished already but do we have to wait untill then?
    However, you idiots have to say anything!
    [Name-calling will surely help. Look, I’m as frustrated as you are that we haven’t yet made things clear. It can be very hard for big companies to get out of their own way. I’m doing everything I can to just spit it out. –J.]

  45. i’ll take that “idiots” back, and I appreciate that you’re doing everything you can, but I also hope that Adobe will be more open to their customers in the future about issues like this. For example, If you don’t know anything, say that and give a reason. Keep the world informed. I think averyone around here would appreciate that. Thank you for now.

  46. I think that for a company such as Adobe, it would be a lot more clever to be open and talk about what’s going on. Many or mosts of Adobes clients are very loyal and buy CS after CS without thinking too much about it – because they actually like Adobe, they feel understood and they’re willing to put a lot of money into it and support the company.
    The reason, I guess, for the silence is that they are for some reason afraid a comment on future releases will somehow decrease current sales. And they might be right. Would you buy CS6 now if you knew you’re gonna have to pay for 6.5 again in 5 weeks? I wouldn’t (and personally I returned my copy of CS6 before registering since there was no word on the matter).
    The point is, however, that Adobe should really make sure that their clients are satisfied with the communication – even if it will slightly decrease CS6 sales for a couple of weeks. When people start feeling tricked, that’s a very bad thing, because it kinda screws with the loyalty and can have negative effects on the long run.
    I’m not saying this issue alone will have a big or even noticable effect on long term sales after all, but if Adobe sticks with this way of no communication in the future, it will eventually. Don’t do the mistake of letting loyal customers down. Talk to us, show us that you care. That’s what we want – because we care, and we love not only the products, but we love Adobe for (usually) understanding our needs.

  47. Personally, I believe Adobe should be sued for false advertising. Apple shows off the beautiful looking apps, and they aren’t even available when the laptop was released. I was already frustrated after a week, let alone a month, or several months. This is ridiculous. Maybe if Adobe provided better customer support people would actually purchase the software. I did purchase Adobe CS6, and I’m more than disappointed.

  48. I’m pretty infuriated to be honest. Neither my rMBP or Adobe Photoshop CS6 per particularly cheap and I was definitely under the impression all was good. To find out not and have all is still not be fact good several weeks’ later, and to not even have an estimate remedy date, is a slap in the face from Adobe. This level of uncertainty around comprehensive mac support for CS6 was not in any way made explicit during the presentation. And don’t get me started on adobe lens corrections where Canon 5d3 was involved-Grrh! 😉

  49. I just got a retina MacBook Pro to replace my 2 year old 17 inch Mac. I now wish I would have bough one of those 17 inch macs that were discontinued in June.
    I think there is a big problem with using a Retina Macbook Pro for design. Firstly, I use the laptop both on the road as well as in the office. In the office I have it connected to a 27 inch iMac.
    So here the problem with trying to design on the 15 inch screen.
    1) Running 1920×1200 resolution
    None retina applications show everything fuzzy. A 800 pixel web page mockup in Photoshop (non Retina) at 100% looks tiny. Everything is fuzzy. It’s literally impossible to do any real work like that.
    2) Running 1440×900 resolution (retina enabled)
    Photoshop still shows everything fuzzy when displayed at 100%. At least the size is now better. But the fuzzy image makes it pretty difficult to work out what looks good and what doesn’t.
    Running the Retina enabled Pixelmator at 1440×900 things are even worse. The mockup is now displayed chrystal clear and sharp because it’s show in it’s native 800 pixel with. The only problem that the image is so tiny it’s again impossible to do any work without magnifying glasses. Running the window at 200% makes everything fuzzy again.
    I draw the following conclusions:
    1) Adobe hasn’t upgraded CS6 to Retina yet because, apart from it being not a trivial task, there are some serious usability issues to work out.
    2) To do any meaningful work web design work with the new MacBook Pro you really need to connect it to a none-Retina screen to see what you are doing. This somewhat defeats the purpose of having a laptop in first place.
    3) 2880×1900 is a terrible resolution to use on a 15 inch laptop. It’s ok if you write a bit of email, browse the web and maybe use iWork (although it’s not retina ready either). But if you do anything professional (it’s a Macbook pro after all) forget it.
    I know they selected the resolution because it’s an easy scaling problem. It’s just that the end result doesn’t look that great.
    So what gives? I love the compact size, it’s fast, it has fast USB3. But! I really wish Apple would have just updated the 17 inch line with the new chipsets and USB3 and left them at 1920×1200.
    At the moment I am 50/50 on returning it.

    1. Actually I don’t think there are any usability issues. Of course a native 800px website will look either tiny or fuzzy on a retina display. Try a 400px website on a regular display – same effect. However, it’s about time web designers switch to build their websites to be retina-ready.
      As soon as the CS is retina ready and you create retina ready websites there will be no problem anymore. If you still wish to create regular 800px websites, that’s something you could have thought of before buying the rMBP, eh? It’s pretty logical they can only look tiny or fuzzy 😉
      However, with Apple soon bringing retina displays to more and more of their computers, the demand for retina ready websites will soon increase rather drastically. Since a certain webdesign is usually being used for a couple of years, I think it’s just clever to already take care of that in new projects, and you might not want to return your only device enabling you to do that..?

  50. I have good faith that photoshop, as it does now, does not upscale the visible image using any kind of interpolation other than nearest neighbor. As such, a 200% image on the retina screen will look the exact same as a regular image on a regular screen. This is actually what’s going wrong in a lot of applications right now, and the reason I switched to firefox instead of chrome – because chrome insists on bilinear interpolation for upscaling images. While firefox listens to custom user styles asking it to do it the nearest neighbor way.

  51. Its more than 2 months but it isnt any letter about time of upgrade. Its great pity and nigtmare for me as user of mac book pro with retina.

  52. as you have all probably seen by now, copied from an Adobe blog: (I am a bit surprised cuz several years ago Apple charged $1 for a small feature improvement because they were required to not give it out for free)
    The Photoshop and Lightroom teams are pleased to announce we will provide support for HiDPI displays in the coming months, including the Retina Display available on the new MacBook Pro. Supporting this new technology requires significant work by our product teams and we’re committed to provided a free update to all Photoshop CS6 customers this Fall and Lightroom 4 as soon as the work is complete. Please note that Creative Cloud members will receive Photoshop updates more frequently and receive this update in advance of updates for non-members.

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