Adobe CS apps & Mountain Lion: No known issues

From the CS6 FAQ:

Adobe and Apple have worked closely together to test Adobe® Creative Suite® 5, 5.5 and CS6 editions and individual products for reliability, performance and user experience when installed on Intel® based systems running Mac OS X Mountain Lion (v10.8). Earlier versions of Adobe Photoshop® (CS3 and CS4) software were also tested with Mountain Lion and there are currently no known issues.

As with any new release of an operating system, there may be unexpected issues that arise that were not discovered during testing. If you encounter any issues, please report them on our bug reporting form.

Video team member Todd Kopriva notes,

Mountain Lion (Mac OS v10.8) upgrade improves performance and stability with Premiere Pro. Be sure to check for drivers for third-party I/O hardware and such, which may not yet be available for your accessories.”

151 thoughts on “Adobe CS apps & Mountain Lion: No known issues

  1. hat about this issue? Any word on compatibility? My wife has been stricken. She did the mentioned fix from Scott but has it been fixed with working with Mountain Lion.
    Thanks for the great site,

    1. Everything working nicely for me except Fireworks CS5. When i export a slice to any format (PNG, JPEG, etc.), the color is washed out, with much less saturation. It’s really driving me crazy. Any ideas why this is happening?

  2. I have a problem with Photoshop CS6 ( Subscription version ).
    2012 Macbook Air, 10.8 GM.
    When plugging in an external monitor, and putting photoshop onto that monitor, zooming in or out of the canvas, or moving around the canvas, results in the program pixelating into an unusable mess. Moving the application window back to the inbuilt screen fixes the corruption

    1. Most likely the video card on your laptop is not robust enough to drive the display of the external monitor (especially if it’s trying to process the laptop display AND the external.) The more recent versions of Photoshop make heavy demands on the GPU and a good video card is a must.

    2. Dave Carlson, does this problem occur if you do not have Photoshop launched when you plug in the external monitor? Quit PS, Plug in Monitor, Launch PS again. Are you still seeing the corruption?

  3. No problems here. Just installed Mountain Lion and Lightroom 4.1,
    Photoshop CS6, Premiere Pro CS6, After Effects CS6, Adobe Configurator 3 and even the new exchange panel for Photoshop CS 6 all work…
    Wacom Intuos 4 tablet also works just fine.
    — Kevin

    1. Brian,
      I did not have to deactivate and reactivate my CS6 apps at all.
      They were all installed via Creative Cloud prior to installing Mountain Lion.
      Unsure if everyone will have a seamless upgrade experience, but I did.

  4. John…exactly the words I wanted to hear; not upgrading straight away has been ..a challenge so now I’m outta here…App Store here I come 🙂

  5. Since installing Mountain Lion, my CS6 Illustrator and PS are working fine but I now cannot get Indesign to open, its shows the opening graphic and the crashes. Anyone know a fix or having the same problem – causing me major issues for a project I ma working on?

    1. Same issue here – can’t get any work done using Indesign. Crashes immediately after splash screen. Macbook Pro i7 2.0.

  6. I am having problems saving PhotoShop CS3 documents in any format (PSD, PNG, etc…) on OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.
    Almost always freezes the app and once hung the whole system.

  7. Lightroom 4.1 email export is broken with Mail. When Mail opens with selected images, mail icon is dimmed and does not send, cannot cancel. Can save as draft, quit the program and re-launch and then send as a workaround…

  8. John
    Thanks to you and whoever else at Adobe worked with Apple on making sure it was compatible. Desipite the issues mentioned in the comments, in the past for whatever reasons, a change in the OS could be a major PITA when it came to affecting Adobe products. Thanks for taking the time to make it as painless as possible!

  9. Bridge CS5 crashes instantly for me if i select COMPUTER on the left and the system icons are too large via the slider at the bottom of the bridge window…something to do with new icons?

  10. After installing Mountain Lion, Adobe Fireworks CS6 ( now returns an error message when exporting via Image Preview.
    “Could Not Save File”
    “The File Was Not Found”
    However, FW CS6 ‘does’ save the file as it did in Lion. How do I get the error message to go away?

    1. I am getting the same error. FW actually saves the file but it it shows this weird error message and bothers me on every export 🙁

    1. I am able to open image sequences in my copy of Photoshop CS5. Can you describe your issue with more details? Is it all files? Thank you.

  11. Recently upgraded to Mountain Lion but CS3 Photoshop and Illustrator not working. Anything we can do to change that?

  12. made the upgrade yesterday.. no majors issues with CS5 except indesign is slower on my macbook pro 2009 and adobe bridge crash also (which is very embarassing)

  13. My Adobe Fireworks 5 crash 4 or 5 times (even more) before to luch in Mountail Lion in my Macbook Air 2011. I bought CS6, but the problem is the same. 🙁
    It´s my only program that fail in Mountain Lion!!
    I install, reinstall, Zapper it …. one and another time, CS5 and CS6 licenses.
    My email is my Adobe id. 🙁

  14. Since upgrading to mountain lion yesterday my InDesign CS5.5 has crashed over and over when I try to place a photo in to my document. NOT GOOD! I can’t work!

  15. My Photoshop CS5 refuses to launch under Mountain Lion. System will not recognize .psd file extension. Says it’s a PowerPC file.

  16. Installed Mountain lion and Illustrator is crashing.
    Reinstalled it with the same result.
    Any ideas?

  17. Mountain Lion on a 2009 Mac Pro crashes the window manager (goes back to login screen) when importing photos. This is a big problem – LR crashing would be one thing, but taking down the whole window system is major.

  18. Installed Mountain Lion. Adobe will not open. Repeated attempts have the same result. No Adobe.

    1. Upgraded to Lion with CS3 design premium- worked fine but slow. Got new Macbook Pro – so used migration assistant. Mountain Lion wouldn’t entertain CS3 without an error message to see an administrator or re-install CS3. Well, I am the administrator so re-installed.
      Initialises the install, but then goes on to say ‘ADOBE: required recources are missing’.
      Firstly, what the that mean? (What recourse are missing? Adobe, you really do live up to your reputation, and I suspect there probably wont be a fix in sight. Not worth upgrading as don’t use this package for business, nor can I afford new software.

  19. I downloaded Mountain Lion yesterday and my Adobe Reader PDF converter will not open. I also lost all my mail! Can anyone assist?

  20. I have been having an issue on Fireworks CS6 after i moved to mountain lion. When I want to export image (command+shift+X) i get an error “Could not save the file. The file was not found”. Been on the phone support for 30 min – no results. installed and reinstalled the package. No results. Seriously thinking of going back o Lion because it is a deal breaker for me. Any one else

  21. Has anyone tried running CS3 versions of Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop under 10.8?
    I see that Photoshop CS3 has been tested but want to hear experiences of running the other apps before upgrading to 10.8.

    1. Before installing Mountain Lion I checked for compatibility – “no known issues”. After installing Mountain Lion Photoshop CS3 would not open. Adobe support said CS3 IS NOT COMPATIBLE with Mountain Lion and told me to reinstall Snow Leopard????
      I managed to clone lion back to my mac pro and CS3 is now ok BUT

  22. Reading these comments, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. “NO KNOWN ISSUES” … right. Well, NOW you have a list of issues. Adobe once again provides the absolute shoddiest software and service in the industry. You DO realize what a joke you people have become, right?

  23. I have having massive problems with Adobe and the new OS! Adobe Bridge is unusable- Illustrator will not link PSD files. Constant Photoshop and Illustrator crashes! System freezes completely when Adobe is crashing. No good, I wish I did not upgrade.

  24. For those who have not updated and reading this:
    1. Always backup your computer
    2. Never install a new OS on a production critical machine till you are sure it works or you can revert to backup!

  25. I downloaded Mountain Lion and now everything I try to do in Illustrator (CS6) is so slow I can’t stand it. These were files that worked perfectly well before I upgraded. Now I get the spinning wheel after every attempt to edit my drawing. Extremely frustrating! How do I fix this?

  26. Everytime I use Dreamweaver CS5.5 it crashes. Have uninstalled and reinstalled but still broken. ‘Spoke’ to the live chat support and they said that they couldn’t help as Mountain Lion is not a supported operating system. So where do I go from here please…

  27. Im using cs 5 on a brand new iMac , illustrator crashes each time I leave it in the background. This only happens after my weekend upgrade to mountain lion. Help please!!

  28. My curser turns invisible in Photoshop 12.0.4. I Installed Mountain Lion on a MBP (early 2011) with 8GB RAM and dual monitor setup.
    If I’m working with a larger document +500MB (maybe smaller) and undo a command the mouse pointer or brush radius indicator will blink sporadically, then disappear completely when I drag it over a panel.
    In order to bring the mouse curser back I have click on something outside of Photoshop, than move back into it. As soon as I “undo” a command its trouble.

    1. did you find a solution to the mouse disappearing problem, mine is doing exactly that in photoshop. LR4 works fine. I get into CS5 and my mouse disappears…i too have to click in and out to get anything done. Ill keep reading to see if anyone posted a fix for this.

      1. I found out, that this is the case mostly, if I have some other app on another space open in full screen mode (e. g. Quicktimeplayer). If I switch that other app to normal screen mode, then my cursor in Photoshop is back.

  29. Mac user OSX Lion (not Mountain Lion). My Dreamweaver is CS4 and works just fine now. Very afraid after reading this about upgrading to Mountain Lion as well as CS6. It’s not about the money, it’s about WHY EVEN DO IT?

  30. I upgraded to Mountain Lion a few days ago. Now I can not print from CS4. Printers (Epson Workforce and Epson Stylus R2880) work with other software, just not with CS4. Epson worked with me for several hours. Their conclusion is that the problem is with Adobe and I agree. Anyone else having this problem? Anything even close?
    Seeing all of the other problems here with other Adobe software I think the solution for now may be to revert to Lion.

    1. In order to upkeep my websites Dreamweaver is a must… but Mountain Lion isn’t. I’m already running Lion why loose CS4 with another Apple slight upgrade?
      Interesting, why would you print from Dreamweaver rather that just looking at it online and printing from the www?
      Click my name and look at my website Ilene

  31. Since Upgrading to OS X 10.8 Photoshop CS5 can not save files to a local network share. I get an error saying “Could not save ‘filename’ because of a program error.”
    Worse yet, Photoshop deletes the file from the network.
    I’ve tried restarting several times, and saving as different formats. I can save to my attached HD or to USB drives.
    Other CS5 apps save without a problem as well.

  32. CSS 5 on a Mac Mini ran great until updating to ML. Worst decision in a long time.
    Bridge loads itself 5 minutes or so after turning computer on. All computer functions grind down to a near stop as a result, even if Bridge is Force Quitted.
    Going into Bridge / Preferences / Advanced and deselecting “run in background” cannot keep Bridge (which I never use) from auto starting.
    And once Bridge loads, my computer goes down to Commodore 64 speeds.

    1. Hi Hans, have you checked the Startup Items located in System Preferences / System / Users & Groups / Login Items? If it appears in there then it is set to open upon system startup. If you highlight it and then click the ‘-‘ to remove it then it should not start at all without you clicking to open it.

  33. After ML upgrade, LR4 export only works occasionally and then first-time-only. After that the exported file is not visible in Finder. If you export the same file again it asks if you want to overwrite/cancel/unique name. Select overwrite and it acts as though it’s writing the file again but nothing appears in the folder in Finder. 🙁 Help!

    1. OK, so now I just checked “show in Finder” after export and they’re showing up in that view… Weird…

      1. Thanks, Jo… I was having this problem as well, but the help link you provided fixed it! Everything seems to be working fine now. I was getting ready to downgrade just so that I could print from InDesign again.

  34. I am having a bunch of random issues since a clean install of Mountain Lion. In Photoshop my cursor keeps on disappearing and I have to command tab into a finder window or some open app and then bounce back into PS for it to reappear…which is short lived and then repeat over and over and over again….very frustrating and not great for a speedy workflow! Definitely having issues with this.

    1. This disappearing cursor is driving a lot of long time Photoshop users crazy, Adobe! I can’t even figure out how to officially complain to the company- is this forum read by Adobe experts?
      Using a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet with MacOS Mountain Lion and Photoshop CS5.5 – change the cursor size in brushes or eraser and it keeps disappearing. Jump out of Photoshop again, and get it back. It is like some evil gremlin is knocking your pencil out of your hand every minute. Come on Adobe! Help!this has been complained about for months.

  35. Dreamweaver stopped working after installing Mountain Lion on a 2011 MB Air 13″..
    Crashes straight after start up..please fix…

  36. Installed ML on new Mac Book Pro (NOT Retina Display) Installed Trial version of PP6. PP6 will not import ,mov files saying files are not recognized. Files cames from HDV camera, uploaded to FCP and brought into PP6 via XML process. Worked fine on an older IMAC but not on brand new pricey Mac Book Pro with ML. PLEASE ADVISE!!! Thanks!

  37. Photoshop 12.0.4 was stablew on 10.7.3. Immediately upon upgrading to 10.8, Photoshop “Quits unexpected;y” every half hour or so when left unattended. The crash report does make mention of Extensis Suitcase. I read an earlier warning about MM fonts, and made sure none are activated. Hopwever, they remain visible in Suitcase. Suitcase’s check for corrupt fonts has been run, as has a Diskwarrior check.

  38. Photoshop 12.0.4 was stable on 10.7.3. Immediately upon upgrading to 10.8, Photoshop “Quits unexpectedly” every half hour or so when left unattended. The crash report does make mention of Extensis Suitcase. I read an earlier warning about MM fonts, and made sure none are activated. However, they remain visible in Suitcase. Suitcase’s check for corrupt fonts has been run, as has a Diskwarrior check.

  39. Recently upgraded to Mountain Lion– now InDesign CS5 no longer opens on my iMac… tried downloading the zip file… no improvement.

  40. After installing OS X Mountain CS5 Lion Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Illustrator on my iMac all crash at startup. Photoshop is fine as is InDesign. Are Adobe going to provide us with patches to fix these serious problems? Like most of us who have purchased this very expensive software, I am trying to run a business from my website, but am unable to update it until Dreamweaver at least works.

  41. after installed mountain lion Photoshop CS5 cursor not working proper, disappearing itself all the time, have to switch app to get the cursor back.

    1. I have the same problem. My cursor dissappears constantly which forces me to leave PSCS6 and return to get it back. Happens every couple of minutes. This is costing time!
      The Wacom tablet appears to be much more sluggish in many aspects. Pen strokes that do not apply, clicks that only register after trying several times, etc…
      Complaining with Apple, Adobe & Wacom only results in major finger pointing. Very disappointing 🙁
      [Have you tried applying the 13.0.1 patch that was released last week? Look under Help->Updates within Photoshop. –J.]

      1. Hello. I have the same issue that appears on this blog. In Mountain Lion, using Photoshop 6.0.1 and my cursor blinks out after a while. Thought it was my Wacom Intuos 2, so upgraded to Intuos 5 tablet and the same problem. Yes I can get the cursor back but only after restarting. Very annoying, does anyone know a fix or what I do?
        Thanks (never used a blog before)

  42. If there are ‘no known issues’, it’s because they’re willfully ignorant. there are always issues with everything — in this case, it’s a particularly offensive claim, because there are many critical known issues.

  43. Photoshop CS6 very slow when I choose Text Engine Options for MIddle East, when I disable it it is acting good. is there something wrong for MIddle East Text Engine with Mountain Lion?

  44. Upgraded to OSX 10.8. Now can’t use my Contribute CS4 as it won’t open and the error message reads “No document types have been found.” whatever that means. I uninstalled and then reinstalled. Same problem. I use this to maintain my website which is my business. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Actually I mis-spoke. I did update to 10.8.1 not 10.8, but none of this matters. The following is the answer I received on the Adobe discussion forum from an Adobe staff member. It is a complete contradiction to the statement at the top of this discussion, the one about “no known issues” between Mountain Lion and CS4. I guess issues are “known” now.
      Re: Mountain Lion & Con CS4
      created by Dominic Michael in Contribute General Discussion – View the full discussion
      Mountain LION is not a supported platform for Adobe Contribute CS4. The supported versions are Latest Adobe Contribute 6.5 and Adobe Contribute CS5.X.
      So get ready to plunk down more bucks.

  45. How about update to 10.8.1?
    I’ve try to update to 10.8.1, then i cant open the Indesign CS5(Trad. Chinese version)document!!
    when i open the file , its shows a dialog box said the file crash & selection is fix, cancel , reopen . but cannot open even i choose any selection!
    i need to downgrade to 10.8 again can work fine!

  46. Did a migration from my mid-2009 MacBook Pro to a new Air running Mountain Lion 10.8.1. All programs working properly, including Illustrator and Photoshop, but InDesign won’t even start – gets to ‘installing plugins’ and crashes.
    Help! Can’t work!

  47. Same problem as Ileen: after upgrade to Mountain Lion, I cannot print from Photoshop CS4 to Epson Stylus Photo R3000. I can print photographs without problems from other (non Adobe) apps. No solution in sight yet.

  48. It gets stranger: I can print from Photoshop CS3 (old copy not removed following upgrade to CS4) on the Epson Stylus Photo R3000 with no problem. I can also print from CS4 to my B&W laser printer (never want to – just a test) but NOT from CS4 to the Epson R3000.
    So the problem must be soluble but am not sure what to try next. Throw away some permissions? Which? Uninstall CS4 and reinstall?
    Any suggestions welcome.

  49. After upgrade to 10.8.1 Contribute CS5 crashes everytime I try to include a file on my computer as a link. According to Adobe download assistant (or what’s its called:-)) my CS5 software is up do date. Suggestions? it’s slightly annoying having to fire up a windows xp steam engine every time I want to publish a file on the website…

  50. Since installing osx 7.4.1 I cannot print from cs4 illustrator or photoshop. As soon as I click print, it crashes. I’ve updated all of my xerox drivers and acrobat prints fine.
    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit Control-P and lost my work. Now I save save save save but it’s a pain. I can save as a pdf and print from acrobat but that’s it.
    Any known fixes?

  51. Good afternoon. I am a student in the graphic illustration program at my chosen university. I currently have CS6 Extended for Illustrator through flash. And several other programs. The problem I have currently is with illustrator. At times the program works fine. Then, if left unattended for about five minutes. It freezes up the entire computer and my OS requires a forced shut down. I lose all progress and occasionally documents do not show up.
    Ironicly. I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion and am currently expieriencing no problems with the other adobe programs. Unfortunately Illustrator is an integrated part of our program and needs to be performing at level with the way it is supposed to. Any support, hot fixes, software updates plug ins or what have you that would help this problem would be helpful.
    As soon as possible.

    1. Sorry to hear about the crashes Rachel,
      I would go post as much detail as you can on the Illustrator forums for help from the team directly with what you’re seeing.

  52. I’ve upgraded from snow leopard to mountain lion, now photoshop cs4 keep shutting down every time I work on photos. I’m a photographer and I do a lot of editing with this program. Is there a way to fix the issue and stip it from shutting down?

    1. It shouldn’t be shutting down, so I’d be wondering if there are any preferences, plug-ins, or fonts that might be causing the crashes here.
      See this video for steps on how to reset your preferences —
      If you have third party plugins, try starting Photoshop while holding the Shift key to disable them and see if they’re part of the crash cause.
      Otherwise I’d go through this page for further troubleshooting steps:

  53. I installed OS X 10.8.1 and Bridge and PS CS5 were working OK. Just a few days ago, after many weeks of the “upgrade” to 10.8.1 I am unable to use Bridge. It crashes repeatedly upon opening. Photoshop still seems to be OK.

  54. Sorry. I meant to say Mt. Lion 10.8.1, not 10.8.2.
    Copy/pasting from Photoshop CS3 to Mt. Lion Mail 10.8.1 crashes Mail. 100% reproducable.

  55. I installed Mountain Lion with Apple’s assurance that CS 3 was compatible.
    I predominately use Indesign. I have tried Illustrator and Photoshop. The programs work but when I try to print the programs crash.
    HP says all necessary drivers are installed in Mountain Lion.
    I have not been able to reach Adobe.
    Quicken being Power PC would not launch. Luckily I had not installed MT on my MAC book pro. I was able to get into Quicken and did not have to kill myself! I have since bought the $15 Quicken fix for MT. Worth it for sure.
    Meanwhile, I can print my adobe files from my MAC book pro. So I am still up and running.
    I just read that reinstalling CS 3 on top of MT might solve my printing problem, but I am skeptical. I don’t want to stick my foot in more mud.
    Any one have luck with this procedure. I see above that at least one person did not.
    Thanks, Deborah

  56. When I use my CS4 InDesign it seems to work fine until I try to print. Then it crashes. Very frustrating when I’m trying to print my resume in color to mail out!!!! Adobe, please HELP US!

  57. CS Illustrator 5.5 will not start up under Moutain Lion. It gets to “updating font menu..90 percent” and falls over.

  58. I just got a new Macbook Pro, out of the box. I installed my CS4. While working on it, after a half hour it “unexpextedly quits”. I reopen and it does the same thing.

  59. I have been using CS4 with no problems until I upgraded to Mt. Lion. Now InDesign crashes when I try to do anything. I am on a 2009 Mac Pro. I would upgrade – but I am seeing a lot of comments about CS6 being unstable as well. Have several projects stalled – and no answers from Adobe.

    1. (last 2 posts didn’t come through)
      Hi Lisa,
      CS4 should still work fine in ML, ID shouldn’t be crashing.
      Are you using a developer preview of Mountain Lion by chance?
      Could you post the crashes you’re seeing with details on our indesign forums so the team can assist?:

  60. I have a difficulty to install Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection on my mac mini which is Mountain Lion 10.8. When I install, It open the installer 5 secs and crashed!! and didn’t let me to go the next step. I would appreciate if you can give me a suggestion.

  61. A quote from Adobe at the top of this page…”Earlier versions of Adobe Photoshop® (CS3 and CS4) software were also tested with Mountain Lion and there are currently no known issues.”
    Are they not reading this blog???????????????????
    Look at all the above issues.
    Like the rest I too am having massive problems with Mt lion I just upgraded to 10.8.2 and still on CS3 and cannot get Illustrator to print. Every time I try to print it shuts Illustrator. HELLO ADOBE/APPLE IS ANYONE THERE AND LISTENING

    1. Hi Katy,
      Which printer are you using? Have you gone to the printer manufacturer’s website and updated the printer driver for 10.8 yet?

      1. Hi,
        i have the same problem too, when want to click print in illustrator CS4 will auto close. This issue is since i upgraded to ML. i usinf FUJI Xerox printer

  62. I have to open INDesign CS5 15-20 times over and over and over before it is not frozen. This has been going on from Lion and now still in Mountain Lion…mADDENING! Everything is newest version (Mountain Lion, etc.) Ideas?

  63. Just upgraded to OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. The preview engine in OSX is no longer rendering some Illustrator files correctly, and it seems to be affecting Lightroom 4.2 somehow. I have an Illustrator (CS6) file that looks correct natively in Illustrator. However, in the OSX preview, part of the graphic is displayed in gray instead of color.
    The problem is a little bit worse in LR, because I’m using the graphic as my identity plate. The same areas that show up in Preview as grayscale are black or not visible in the LR header. I assume this is an Apple issue, but LR acting weird makes me not sure?

  64. Here’s an interesting variation of the theme:
    Updating from OS X 10.7 to 10.8 with Adobe CS 5.5 already installed gives the “install the Java SE6 run time error message. If one clicks install it says unavailable. Ok, no issue seen it before and I had previously downloaded the update. When the update is run it tries to install and an error appears indicating that a higher version of Java is already installed via 10.8.
    So updating to Mt Lion causes an issue where Adobe CS 5.5 wont launch as it thinks it does not have the right java update, keep in mind I had run the same update previously and the Macs in question were already functioning under 10.7 with the Java patch installed. Something in CS 5.5 is not working right in relation to checking java versions in 10.8
    So what we are experiencing as best as I can tell is the repercussions of Adobe’s “code once” decision. Thanks Adobe because right now the only issue I can see is to backup the users data, wipe the Macs and reinstall everything/image as I tested it yesterday and that worked.
    Kinda disproves in the face of “no known issues”.

  65. Here’s a known issue for you: Mouse cursor disappears while working in Photoshop CS5 under Mountain Lion. Workaround is to Command+Tab thru several apps and return to Photoshop. I have reported this on Adobe’s Photoshop user forum, where it is considered an Apple bug introduced by Mountain Lion. This is also being reported extensively on Apple Discussions.

    1. Yup, I’ve been checking Adobe, Apple and Wacom sites for updates regularly. Nothing has fixed this. I have noticed that you only need to hit command-tab, scroll next door, and then shift-command-tab immediately back to CS5 (only) I’d update to CS6 but it seems like the same problem is happening with that. It would be an expensive non-fix.

    2. Same issue here and have reported it and have desperately been waiting for a fix. That said it is not simply related to Mountain Lion. I first encountered the issue after upgrading to CS6 while still using Lion. I thought that perhaps upgrading to Mt. Lion would fix it but it didn’t. I still deal with this issue every day and it is frustrating. I assumed it was related to Wacom but since you are getting the same issue with a mouse then that shoots holes in that theory.
      John, can you get any status on this? It’s a big workflow disruption.
      [We’re aware of the issue and we’re working with Apple to address it. –J.]

  66. CS3 bombs out after splash screen with new install of ML.
    Lots of people are having problems – but where are the solutions?

  67. Hi,
    I have installed CS6 on a brand new MacBook PRO 13″ (Mountain Lion).
    I am used to clone on an external disk the MacBook (with SuperDuper).
    I noticed that when I start the MacBook with the clone, CS6 will not open and says “DISK UNAVAILABLE” ! (everything else working ok besides that) – When I come back to the original MacBook, CS6 opens without problem – Do you have an idea of what is the problem ? Thanks a lot

    1. Sounds like it may be an activation thing balking at the different hardware. I’d uninstall/reinstall Photoshop and give it a try again on the cloned machine after it has had a chance to activate on that machine.
      Let us know how that goes, if you still see the message, post further information on our feedback site:

  68. I use Dreamweaver 5.5 & I change my index page & added 3 picture files & only two files appeared & yet the text for the three uploaded & my third picture has question mark where the picture should be

  69. This is the message that I Get when trying to open CS3 in Mountain Lion:-Can’t open the application “INDESIGN CS3” because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.

  70. As soon as I upgraded to Mountain Lion Lightroom 3 started from scratch. I have to re-import all of my photos and re-establish my catalog.

    1. That’s odd, haven’t heard reports of mountain lion update altering LR. Was your catalog (.lrcat file) still on your system? Did you just re-open the catalog?

  71. Here’s how to prevent all these problems when upgrading: partition your hard drive/load Mt Lion on the new partition/install CS5.5 (or whatever) and nothing else on this newly created partition/ see if there are any issues. If you have problems delete the new partition – you are out the cost of Mt Lion, but still have the untouched portion of your hard drive as before you started. If everything checks out bring over the rest of your stuff.

  72. John, Has Adobe been working on the “dull” pdf issue plaguing Acrobat X and XI in relation to 10.8?
    Seems through testing by others and I confirm in my setup and testing it on variety of users here that this falls into the Acrobat camp. If a PDF is opened in Preview the colors look correct. Likewise opening them into an InDesign page or in PhotoShop etc, anything but Acrobat the PDF looks correct.
    Kind of disconcerting as it is an issue in the two latest versions of Acrobat. So far I’ve not seen an acknowledgment from Adobe that this is even an issue on the radar.
    Thanks in advance.

  73. i just upgraded my mac into mountain lion and im facing issue with
    every movement or click the mouse pointer is loading.

  74. Dreamweaver cs6 freezes. I only updated because you said there were no problems. I look now and see that hundreds of people are having problems with one or another of adobe’s products freezing.
    I am very busy and don’t have time for a clean reinstall but it looks like that is what I am going to be doing… Days of work to reload everything… Why didn’t you just say to wait. I could have done that.

  75. Hi all. Since upgraded to ML I can’t use Photoshop CS5 properly. It keep hanging for several seconds after any small mouse action.
    Uninstalling Photoshop didn’t work. re-installing Java didn’t solve it. Any clues?

  76. I have a customer complaining that a product I created that uses CS4 Flash Projector will not run under Mountain Lion. For various reasons, I’m still on OSX 10.7 and cannot upgrade to Mountain Lion to test it. Has anyone successfully run the CSR Flash Projector under Mountain Lion?

  77. I’m experiencing problems with Illustrator CS4 (german version) and OSX 10.8.2. The modifier keys shift and alt sometimes do not work at all so clonig an object by alt-dragging it or an proportional resize won’t work. It’s mostly after the mac woke up from sleep or was restarted completely new. All I can do is logout and back in (no restart of OSX!) and start AI new.
    That’s annoying because I have to reopen all my working session of the other apps. An restart of just AI doesn’t help.

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