A new Photoshop panel for learning CS6 features

Check out the new Photoshop Features panel:

Created with Adobe Configurator 3, the Photoshop Features panel lets you easily explore, try out and learn the new and enhanced tools and features in Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS6 Extended. Arranged in a series of tabs, from the panel you can check out the new tools and features, access the timeline tools and capabilities for video and frames, go to video tutorial websites and if you have Photoshop Extended use all the major 3D tools and functions.

The panel is free and exclusively available on Adobe Exchange. To download it you will need the Adobe Exchange panel which currently works with 9 different CS6 applications.


[Via Jonathan Ferman]

3 thoughts on “A new Photoshop panel for learning CS6 features

  1. Must be cool, unfortunately every time i click to see the Photoshop Features panel, Photoshop crashes. I´m on CS6 Extended.

  2. Hi José,
    Sorry to hear you are having an issue, this is the first issue I’ve heard of with the panel. I will contact you via email to investigate.

  3. I’m aghast at the abandonment of the traditional 50% gray. I’ve seen comments from Adobe’s Chris Cox that changing the values of 50% gray fill in CMYK is a “minor” instance that was changed to accommodate some other faction. Photoshop has an entire section of blending modes that are built to work off the 50-50-50-50 mix, NOT WITH VISUAL GRAY. That’s not a minor feature! Why take it away? Why not add Visual Gray for those who can’t define it, but the 50-50-50-50 gray fill is an assumed starting position for a multitude of blending modes and textures. Booooo!

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