A Friendly Photoshop Forum

Julieanne Kost writes:

If you or someone you know is in the early stages of exploring Photoshop, there’s a new learning destination that’s worth a visit. Photoshop for Beginners is a sub-forum on Adobe.com that is tailor-made for newcomers to the powerful but complex software.

Ask any question in Photoshop for Beginners and you’ll receive an answer that emphasizes visuals — including video how-tos — and steers clear of unnecessary jargon.

One thought on “A Friendly Photoshop Forum

  1. 1/11/13 Win 7 [Lenovo 420 w/8 Meg] glitch defunctioned CS3. re-activation successful. NEF images now not recognized by photoshop, Camera Raw 4.6 installed w/o benefit.

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