Lytro cameras add "perspective shift"

Remember that Wayne’s World “Camera one, camera two!” scene where he opens & closes one eye at a time? (No, you probably weren’t born when that came out; but I digress.) Lytro’s “perspective shift” feature works a bit like that, letting you switch among two subtly different points of view on the same scene:

It’s cool, though my big hope here remains that such technology offers a better way to select elements in a photo by detecting their varying depths. [Via]

2 thoughts on “Lytro cameras add "perspective shift"

  1. dude thats crazy!
    btw don’t feel bad i still have my wayne’s world “coolest t-shirt in the universe; NOT!” t-shirt (got a few holes in in it but still the coolest t-shirt in the universe if you ask em. 😛

  2. Hey John, it’s actually not just two viewpoints; a light field will allow you to explore any viewpoint within a small circle (in this case the circle will be quite small, a lot smaller than the baseline of a typical stereo camera).

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