Adobe Ideas gains speed-sensitive drawing, paint bucket, more

With version 2.5 Adobe’s vector-based drawing app for iPad & iPhone has just taken some big steps forward. The points below understate the impact, but in early reviews customers seem to be really enjoying the changes.

  • Three new drawing tools with unique stroke characteristics.
  • Ability to quickly fill areas with color.
  • Duplicate, merge and flip layers horizontally or vertically.
  • Enhanced eyedropper tool lets you easily compare and match colors in different parts of your artwork.

7 thoughts on “Adobe Ideas gains speed-sensitive drawing, paint bucket, more

  1. it looks like Ideas has a pen (like the AI pen tool) too now, is that right? if so, i’m in. i’ve tried some vector iPhone apps, but don’t feel them being very polished. i’ve not really gotten into the 1st version of Ideas, since i didn’t get into vector brushes. also, exchanging files w/ illustrator, is done via emailing pdf, i see. does illustrator see the different layers in the pdf?
    [AFAIK it’s not a pen in the traditional Illustrator sense; rather it’s just a different way of making strokes with one’s finger. (Have you tried apps that entice you to edit vector nodes with your finger? It’s awful.) Exchange with Illustrator can be accomplished via Creative Cloud sync (which does not require a subscription). –J.]

  2. thanks for the info, john. i used miniDraw on my iPhone, it has a very AI-pen tool way to draw paths. i liked that method, oddly i guess. it wasn’t a very polished app, however.
    (i’ve been using AI since version 1.1 on a pc, so the pen tool is a natural part of me!)

  3. The app is getting better and better.
    Love the fact it sync with creative cloud.
    And files can be opened in AI – Thats cool!
    Now all we need is a possibility to make a folder inside the adobe cloud folder and put the Adobe Ideas files inside this – to keep organised. Right now if i make a folder on my mac and drag my drawings in there they get copied out to the root again. So i end up with a duplicate files. (when the adobe idea sync..)
    Also preview of adobe idea files in bridge would be nice πŸ™‚
    Thanx πŸ™‚
    //Poul G

  4. I love that Ideas is getting proper horzontal / vertical flip *BEFORE* illustrator does πŸ™‚
    (I know the reflect tool… but I’m not aware of a proper instant way to flip something in illustrator, except the *external* script I wrote for it πŸ˜‰

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