27 thoughts on “Sneak peek: New Photoshop features for Creative Cloud members

  1. Photoshop CS6 is the least stable version I’ve ever used. I have no enthusiasm for being a forced beta group for my primary productivity tools.

  2. BJ,
    The data we have has shown that the latest version is the most stable we’ve ever released. Can you provide more information about what specific issues you’ve encountered with CS6?
    Adam (PS QE)

    1. well there was that one issue with the corrupting text layers but you guys fixed that and other then that one id have to side with you Adam very fast, very stable, best release since CS3 i’d say.

  3. Would be awesome to enjoy a Creative Cloud account. But we have volume licensing and thus are left in the cold. I feel for educational institutions who have to deal with a static product while their students with Creative Cloud enjoy features that the educators can’t have and therefore can’t teach.

  4. I’m both excited and confused. I don’t want any new features. I just want Creative Suite to work on a Retina screen. We’re more than six months past the public release of these machines. Now there’s also a 13″ model.
    Is Adobe “previewing” CS6 with Retina support at this December 11th event? Would this mean the release will be on Dec 11th? Some time after? Or way after?
    If we’re taking Adobe literally (with their declaration of CS6 Retina support in the Fall), the first day of winter is on Decmber 21st. Maybe they need every single day of fall to pass before they release? Will it be a release candidate (like the Lightroom RC) or something closer to completed? What about the rest of the Creative Suite? Illustrator is awful on a Retina screen too. Same goes for all the other apps.

  5. Still not getting and still don’t want the Cloud arrangement for Photoshop – and, like others, I feel left out (abandoned would probably be a better word) by Adobe. I am now seriously beginning to consider alternatives to Adobe products. Sorry John but that’s just he way it is. I’ve been pumping money in Adobe’s direction for many years now and feel hopelessly let down.

    1. If you lay cash down on other products, I hate to say it, but you’ll be even unhappier. Adobe may take a bit to update Retina but their suite of products is better than the rest in most cases. Try an alternative to Photoshop and you’ll be upset. Nothing … and I mean nothing.. touches Photoshop. I hate to say it. But it’s entirely true. So don’t be so stubborn … just wait like the rest of us. It’s still a productive day in an Adobe app.

  6. Just signed up only to notice that you will stream this on Facebook. Seriously?
    What about Adobe connect?
    Sorry but I’m not going to join Facebook πŸ˜‰

  7. There’s not the least technical reason to give access to these new features to just abonnement-customers.
    Everybody should understand that this fashion of rolling out new developments solely and purely has marketing reasons. Adobe has a very vital interest in getting more people hooked up with their software-renting Suite.
    While I really like some Adobe-products I really hope that the marketing division harvests a shitstorm of protest from the user around the world. One should not treat customers that way.

    1. i really don’t understand the opposition to the cloud nobody is forcing anyone to join it. facts are that you can always just keep buying the regular way and the monthly option is way more manageable for a lot of people who don’t have 3 grand to drop on software, in fact expanding the paying user base and eroding the pirate base will likely benefit everyone by increasing the ROI for adobe and conceivably lowering the cost for everyone, “renters” and “buyers”.

      1. The answer is really quite straight forward. Those of us who prefer to buy our Adobe software when the new version comes out (CS7, CS8 etc) will have to wait until upgrade time to have access to the new features that Cloud users will have enjoyed for some time. This does not seem fair or reasonable to me but, most of all, it makes me believe that the Adobe marketing people (and others in the software industry) are queuing up to get me to ‘drop’ a monthly amount (which they assume we won’t notice too much) rather than a similar amount ( in toto) every 18 months or so. I see Adobe’s strategy as flawed and it amounts to sharp practice. It is a trend I don’t want to adopt. Who, I have to ask, is the customer here?
        I need to be persuaded on this one….

        1. well i think that discounts the piracy factor the whole reason the software is so expensive is that so many people steal it with more paying users the price should come down for everyone. adobe has already shown that they are willing to give breaks on it, right now for instance anyone can jump on board for 30 a month (for 2 more days anyway) i would argue that if you can’t make 30 dollars a month (or 50 for that matter) using the software you probably shouldn’t be using it anyway (at least not in a professional sense).

  8. I’m still on CS5, but with the retina support for CS6, that would be very enticing indeed. The CSS support shown in the video also looks to be something worth evaluating further.

  9. I second Ben Hansen’s comment. I don’t understand the cloud opposition either. It seems to be emotive rather than rational.

    1. My opposition has been the lack of support for teams–or classrooms like mine.
      Apparently there will soon be team support. I think they should have had provision for “teams” when they launched Creative Cloud. Now that I own, at great expense, licenses for all the machines in my training facility, it’ll be a hard pill to swallow to abandon that in favor of a monthly expense. I’ll have paid twice, essentially, for CS6. If I could see a substantial discount based on my purchase, that would mean something.
      If we don’t adopt, we fall out of sync with our students. If we do, we incur a large bill for software we already “own”.

      1. Well other then a few apps the only stuff thats actually included in cc that isn’t in mc are mostly services. In any event 20 per month per seat is pretty cheap as it is i would think that was pretty manageable @ 18 months that’s still just 360 which is i’m guessing less then you were paying for upgrades unless you got it for free.

  10. Rather than having to freeze frame an MTV style video could we possibly get a bullet point list of the new enhancements?
    [That wouldn’t really be a tease, would it? πŸ™‚ –J.]

  11. You guys don’t fix bugs anymore?
    C’mon, all the bugs in cs6 applications and your spending time adding new features instead fixing serious bugs. (retina support is needed though)
    [That’s not how it works. –J.]
    I could list about twenty bugs in photoshop cs6 alone that haven’t been addressed and were reported
    early in the cs6 beta, but no, why fix bugs when adobe just wants to add new features.

      1. yeah i’m sorta curious to see that list cs6 has been one of the top releases ever of PS (imo) and i been using since 1.0.7b. that text layer corruption issue was doozie but if it wasn’t for that i’d probably say best ever at this point i’d go with v3.

      2. Chris,
        So all those bugs in photoshop cs6 that are reported on the adobe photoshop forums and feed back site are gonna be fixed before the creative cloud starts adding new features?

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