Video: Remix Photoshop using Configurator

Did you know that you can create your own panels for Photoshop & InDesign simply via drag & drop—no coding required? Sure, of course you did. But here Jonathan Ferman shows how to take things to the next level & submit those creations for sale/sharing:

Learn about the different applications available to let you create or package content and products for Adobe Exchange. This video also shows the product submission process, to easily submit your products to Adobe Exchange. Start submitting products today.

Jonathan has also written a post about integrating HTML to drive Photoshop from a panel.

4 thoughts on “Video: Remix Photoshop using Configurator

  1. All of the examples here show information only traveling from the panel to Photoshop. Can I read a value from Photoshop and send it to the panel?
    I made a script for editing rounded rectangles, and I’d like to make a panel version, but I don’t really want to use flex/flash builder. I’d just need a way to send a couple of values to the panel.

  2. Hi David,
    Configurator create panels can’t receive communication from Photoshop, only send it to execute currently.
    If there is enough interest in having this capability we would certainly consider it for a future Configurator release.

  3. Suppose I write or record a script which applies a customized image correction. But only want it applied if the median intensity in the Histogram is below a specific level. This you could easily establish in a Configurator-built Panel – but the user would need to be given an instruction to execute it.

  4. There is an alternative (compromise) alternative. Suppose a script was written or recorded for applying a custom image adjusment in Photoshop. But that this was applicable only if the median intensity in the histogram was below a specific level. This would be straightforward to do via an Extension Panel, provided the user was given the appropriate instruction. Essentially the communication from Photoshop to Extension would be user-provided.

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