3 thoughts on “Who designs the Photoshop interface?

  1. Please let the new interface have the ability to be enlarged for the few of us over 40 who still love to use Photoshop.

  2. I teach older folk Photoshop from time to time and the one thing that has them consistently spitting out their false teeth are the fly-out menus on dialogue boxes (i.e. the drop down menu top righthand side of the character dialogue box which leads to ‘change text orientation’ and so on). These time served veterans often ask me why Adobe tuck these really useful menus almost out of sight.
    Not sure what the alternative is……but, as I approach my 60th year, maybe I’ll need a ‘walking frame’ version of Photoshop too!

  3. So why have these UI ‘vampires’ sucked all the color from it? Oh, not all the color, there’s still that blue PS box in the upper left open document window, which tells me nothing about what document might be active. Why did the little red ‘X’ in the upper right vanish? Are red pixels too expensive to light up in an active doc? Bring back the red X please.

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