7 thoughts on “Is is real, or is it After Effects?

  1. My guess is AE in part because of the purity of the sync, but also the haze from the lights, which are amazingly brighter than the other lights. If I had to deconstruct, I’d probably start by building a virtual stand-in scene in 3D and put the lights behind the architectural elements.
    However it was done, it’s beautiful.

  2. It’s written under the video on Vimeo:
    Picture Made by Supralude (Shot with my Canon 5D mkII, edited and post produced with After Effects).
    Sound Made By Near Deaf Experience [Remix of Nine Inch Nails’ 21 Ghosts].

  3. My guess is AE, Considering the fact that lights are far brighter as compare to others and also there wasn’t any reflection even with that much intensity of lights.

  4. Without no Doubt this is made in AE or Nuke (godrays)
    it doesn’t look photoreel but i love the idea.
    If i had to make one critic, it would be that it’s a bit long, you want to see other biuildings, landscapes, or the video to be shorter
    Thanks for sharing

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