New VSCO film pack for Lightroom, Camera Raw

Looks interesting (literally):

Whether inspired by the clean, commercial look of films like Fuji FP 100c or the sun-drenched vibe of Polaroid 690, VSCO Film 03 for Lightroom 4 and Adobe Camera Raw 7 represent the most diverse VSCO Film pack yet. With over 115 presets, VSCO Film 03 is overflowing with both present day film stock, as well as expired vintage films. The pack also includes a custom Toolkit specifically created to help you emulate the varying looks of instant films. This is not an update or an upgrade. It is a completely new VSCO Film pack with completely new film emulations and tools.

Check out the site for examples, pricing, and discounts.

4 thoughts on “New VSCO film pack for Lightroom, Camera Raw

  1. That seems like a lot of money for Lightroom presets
    Unless I am missing something more
    Their website is spiffy though 🙂

    1. Mathias, these are not just presets but custom camera raw profiles for selected canon, nikon and now fuji cameras for a camera specific film emulation. Feel free to email us at with any other questions on it.

  2. I concur with Mathias. I appreciate the work you put in but $90+ for a preset pack? Lot of other inexpensive and free options available.
    I think $40 is the ceiling for many… but I am probably wrong and VSCO is being inundated with orders.

  3. David and Mathias I own all three film packs. As a professional trying to match film stocks from my past these are more than presets. The Fuji 400H closely matches film stock that I’ve used in my F5, but with the use of a modern D3s. If they were just presets they’d be overpriced, BUT they are true custom camera profiles.

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