Adobe Muse keeps improving

Adobe Muse, the new visual HTML creation tool, has gotten a raft of much-requested new functionality, including hierarchical master pages, widget updates, and a new spellchecker. Check out the details here, and apply the update simply by opening Muse and clicking “install now” from the updater screen.

6 thoughts on “Adobe Muse keeps improving

  1. I’m a more than a little baffled when I update Muse. The Adobe Application Manager is ignorant of updates. So the update dialog launches with Muse, but an Adobe Air update also launches and it requires Muse to be shut down. Click to install Adobe Air later and it disappears until I launch Muse again after it (apparently) was updated. The the Adobe Air update comes up on its own and can be run, but the Muse udpate dialog comes up after that…wait, I though we already did that. Nope. This time more dialog confirmation to install both Air and Muse, then Muse launches.

    1. Ah, Adobe Muse is only available as a membership, via Creative Cloud or as a single app. There are a few good reasons for that – mainly to improve the product more quickly to ensure published sites meet the latest web standards, and be more responsive to feature requests. Check out the thread posted on the Muse forum:

      1. So you are saying that it is impossible or at least highly impractical that the very same version of Muse available on the creative cloud and I’m sure many PC’s at Adobe cannot be re-downloaded to would be registered owners of Muse. As I understand the Creative Cloud any version of a software resides entirely on the member’s computer. If an update occurs it is either updated entirely on the computer or partially dealing with the specific modules impacted. Neither method can be replicated and downloaded say as Camera Raw? I have issues why plugins to PS or LR from Adobe is treated the same way when purchased plugins can be downloaded at any time.

  2. Hi
    I am a flash designer/developer, and am trying to understand something- I have a site built in CS4 flash, including a lot of action script 2.
    If I want the site to work on all platforms, including regular window and mobile devices, is there an adobe product that can somehow turn the Flash project into an HTML5 file that all browsers- window and others – can read? Or is there a need to rebuild the entire site?
    thanks, Ron

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