Lightroom 5 beta resources

As pilfered from The Lightroom Journal:

3 thoughts on “Lightroom 5 beta resources

  1. Morning John,
    Installed beta 5. I looked at the promos and Terry White’s top 5 things he liked.
    All went well, until I tried to take final process to photoshop CS6. The enhancements made in beta 5 did not transfer to PS6 and system then crashed numerous times. I deleted the beta untill further fixes are in place.
    I do look forward to the final release
    Ken in KY
    [Lightroom PM Sharad Mangalick writes, “The reason why Lr5 Beta changes are not reflected in Photoshop CS6 is because Lr5 and Ps CS6 don’t share the same version of Adobe Camera Raw. To get around this using Lightroom 5 Beta, ensure that you are “editing a copy with Lightroom adjustments” when sending files from Lightroom to Photoshop using the “Edit IN” functionality. This will render a TIFF file with your Lightroom 5 beta adjustments and send that to Photoshop CS6.” –J.]

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