A retro-modern drawing tool: NeoLucida

Check out this interesting project on Kickstarter:

The what?
The camera lucida.
It’s a prism on a stick! For making realistic drawings!
It used to be everywhere.
A portable version hasn’t been manufactured in generations.
And we’re bringing it back.
Really inexpensively.
For artists and art students everywhere.

8 thoughts on “A retro-modern drawing tool: NeoLucida

    1. Ha! Good observation, Cosmo! Let me add that nowhere did they mention that the buyer would have to remit extra money after the first year, nor that the company would establish a pricing scheme that would require a CPA and a lawyer to interpret.
      Apparently, Kickstarter is not copying Microsoft’s greedy business plan, unlike One Other Company that we all once liked.
      And take note, “One Other Company,” that Kicksarter is already completely sold out of the first run of their new product…

  1. My dad was a professional artist and he had one of these and I remember using it when I was a young kid. I sure wish I knew where it was. Long gone…

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