Lightroom 5 is now available

I’m pleased to say that Lightroom 5 is now available for download. PM Sharad Mangalick writes,

We’ve made over 400 tweaks since releasing Lightroom 5 beta, many of which are directly attributed to your feedback in our public forums. Thank you.

Lightroom 5 is now feature complete and final. Lightroom 5 will be available for $149 (for those new to Lightroom) and $79 (for Upgrade and Student/Teacher editions). As with previous version of Lightroom, Lightroom 5 is a perpetual license.

If you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber, you can download LR5 here. For an in-depth jump on what’s new, check out Julieanne Kost’s video series, Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.

6 thoughts on “Lightroom 5 is now available

  1. Hi John
    Great news but for us that jumped into the new cloud just for Photoshop, do you think it will be a Photographer Cloud where Lightroom and Photoshop are included?
    I do understand that it not easy for you to answer – but the question for me shall I buy a upgrade now and then in a few month Lightroom will be included in the cloud…. that will disturb me.
    Thanks for great blog

  2. Jolly good news. I have installed it and the upright tool is truly remarkable, as is the radial filter.

  3. Would love to know:
    Is there a list somewhere of features added to Lightroom 5 FINAL versus Lightroom 5 Beta? (Or at least some hints to what’s new in the final versus beta?)
    [ New features in Lr5 that didn’t exist in Lr5 Beta:
    –Behance Publish Service. Publish your photos and collaborate with the creative community on directly from Lightroom.
    — Extended the range of the Feature slider with the Radial Filter. –J.]

    Is there a difference between
    – Lightroom 5 sold stand-alone
    – Lightroom 5 as part of Creative Cloud?
    [There is no difference between Lr5 sold standalone( available on, Amazon, B&H, etc.) and the version of Lightroom 5 included with the Creative Cloud membership. The versions are exactly the same and we plan to keep them in sync in terms of features and release cadence. –J.]

  4. Downloaded Lightroom 5 only to discover that it will not work with my version of OSX. I am bummed as I am not so eager to upgrade my operating system.

  5. A lightroom program bought in England can it be used anywhere in the globe, say NZ/Australia?
    [Yes. –J.]

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