Friday demo for photographers: Photoshop CC & Lightroom 5

Noon Pacific:

Join Julieanne Kost as she demonstrates new features in Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, as well as sharing and collaboration features of Adobe Creative Cloud. In this Ask A Pro session, you will:

  • Learn how Creative Cloud brings additional capabilities to your workflow with Sync Settings, Sync Fonts, and sharing with Creative Cloud
  • See new features in Photoshop CC to enable more advanced sharpening than ever before with all-new Smart Sharpen, intelligent upsampling, and Camera Shake Reduction
  • Learn how to perfect your images using the new Upright and Advanced Healing Brush in Adobe Camera Raw 8 and Lightroom 5
  • See how to customize your photo books in the updated Book module in Lightroom 5
  • Share your images with the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work using Share to Behance from within Photoshop CC

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7 thoughts on “Friday demo for photographers: Photoshop CC & Lightroom 5

  1. The webinar page says: “Note: There is limited capacity in the webinars, so if a session fills up, a recording will be available on” Why not record them whether the session fills up or not?

  2. Any chance for a big photographer’s announcement on a CC bundle Friday? Need to pay for the LR5 trial soon and the PS CC $9.99 pricing ends 7/31.

  3. Hi John
    I am a CC subscriber and still lukewarm about the CC idea (I don’t think I am alone) but I’m trying to go with it hoping that, at the end of the process, it will work for me.
    I’ve managed to load all the new CC applications without difficulty using the CC download application but here’s the strangest thing….I can’t update all my CS6 application (using the same download app). I’ve tried many times now up update Flash Professional CS6, Premier Pro CS6, Premier Pro CS6 and Photoshop CS6 and each time the download fails (we are Master Suite CS6 customers).
    Tried to ring Adobe helplines………gave up after a while… reply but that’s not unusual in Europe. +44 7976 761 681 if you would like to invite them to call me instead.
    This download problem concerns me because, as I near retirement, I might not be able to afford the monthly CC fees and will need to drop back to something – and that something would be CS6.
    And so, my question has to be why are the CS6 updates not downloading when, using the same download app, I can and have downloaded all the new CC applications? IS Adobe trying to tell me, in a roundabout way, not to bother with CS6 applications?
    I’m still not totally sold on the value of CC applications but I’m trying to go with Adobe despite misgivings and a considerable amount of soul searching before subscribing to CC. I’m not sure yet whether I will go into year 2 of the subscription (when the prices goes up for us).
    I wonder if others CC subscribers are having trouble downloading CS6 updates?
    Finally, since moving to CC (and before the CC application upgrades) the number of crashes (I use a Mac) I experienced increased. I’m hopeful that with the CC applications this won’t happen but do note that within hours of CC applications coming out, bug fixes were sent out for quite a few of the CC applications. I wonder if there was a rush to market?
    Best Wishes

  4. Hi John. Yes U44M1P7. Never happened before. Must be a CC thing (oh joy!). Have uninstalled MacKeeper etc. Updating Mac Keeper and Clean My Mac makes no difference so dumped. Oh well….reaching for my CS6 disks now (yawn).
    It is a bit bonkers having to keep two versions of everything on my hard drive if I want to keep CS6 as my ‘retirement fallback’ plan.
    I’m paying Adobe but who is doing all the work?
    Best Wishes

    1. Nope, not a CC thing. As you can see, this document refers to CS6, which is when this document was created (before CC was released). Hard to say why Mac Keeper or Clean My Mac struck only after you tried to work with CC. Perhaps they were updated recently. Maybe the install of CC triggered them for some reason. All we can say for sure is that one of these two programs went in and deleted files out of our application in an attempt to keep your computer “clean”. Updating them after the damage was done will not repair our applications. I’m not sure what we can do to stop such behavior except to inform these companies to stop deleting our files, but that doesn’t mean they will.

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