Spot removal shortcuts for Camera Raw in Photoshop CC

Here’s a handy list from Julieanne Kost covering the new Spot Removal Tool (B) inside Camera Raw 8 (part of Photoshop CC):

Tap the “V” key to toggle the visibility of the spot overlays.

  • Shift-drag constrains the brush spot to a horizontal or vertical stroke.
  • Shift-click connects the selected spot with the new spot via a straight brush stroke.
  • Cmd/Ctrl-drag will create a circle spot and allow you to drag to define the source.
  • Tap the Forward Slash key (/) to select new source for existing circle or brush spot.
  • Press Delete to delete a selected spot.
  • Opt-/Alt-click on a spot to delete it (the cursor will change to a pair of scissors).
  • Opt-/Alt-click in the image area over multiple spots to batch-delete (the icon changes to a marquee while dragging.
  • Tap the “Y” key to toggle on/off Visualize spots. Note – this is also available as a checkbox and slider in Toolbar.

4 thoughts on “Spot removal shortcuts for Camera Raw in Photoshop CC

  1. Too bad I’ll never be able to experience this new brush tool since I refuse to be fleeced by Adobe (via CC) any longer. Sad that Adobe is no longer a company championing the success of its loyal customers, but rather a huge profit machine operating like a global monopoly.

  2. Very interesting – but what’s the point of adding incremental improvements to Camera raw when features are removed that make it useless for day to day workflow compared to earlier versions – I’m talking here about an emasculated Camera Raw crop tool and in Bridge no output module – i’ve had the thing four days and already I’m most unhappy with it despite some useful new features.
    TBH I have to use Bridge CS5 for some stuff that CS6 won’t work with, I was hoping for fixes not less functionality. Sorry if this is off topic but it’s kind of not….

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