So, *should* you get the new Photoshop/Lightroom bundle?

This chart will help. (Normally I find these things lame, but this one’s actually funny. Click the image to see full res.)
You can sign up here.

9 thoughts on “So, *should* you get the new Photoshop/Lightroom bundle?

  1. It’s a shame we can not pay a suscription with Paypal, and it’s sad to see the only country supported in South America is Brazil (what about Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, PerĂº, Colombia, Venezuela, etc.?)
    What is the problem if I live in Uruguay and want to suscribe to PS CC in english, not in spanish?
    What exactly “country supported” means?

  2. In addition to the lack of “rent to never own” previously mentioned, it totally neglects those of us who are legit Photoshop users of CS6 and/or earlier. But the bigger real issue is that Adobe has become arrogant.

  3. John, your customer service is the worst, for the past week I tried to register for the deal. 3 different credit cards, no luck, always: “we need some more time to process your registration, we’ll notify you by mail”. Tried to get a hold of your customer service, by phone (since I’m apparently ineligible for chat help) 1:30 hours wait time.
    I’m running software shop myself, so I understand the complexity of providing good service, but at this attitude, no thanks, I’d rather be someone else customer who would really appreciate my business.
    Thanks but no thanks,

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