Former Photoshop chief “establishes Photoshop-free zone”

I’m so pleased to see that my longtime boss & friend Kevin Connor, together with imaging forensics pioneer Dr. Hany Farid, has introduced Izitru (pronounced “Is It True?”), a free app & Web site for checking whether digital images have been manipulated:

CNET’s Stephen Shankland writes,

To use Izitru, a photographer can upload a photo through the Web site or an iPhone app. Izitru then runs a battery of tests that can identify editing or authenticity. It then posts a version of the photo with its trustworthiness rating. […]

Izitru is free to use, but the company hopes to make money by letting other Web sites tap into it through an application programming interface (API), which lets software use the service automatically. That could help social-media services, journalism sites, or insurance companies, Connor said.


2 thoughts on “Former Photoshop chief “establishes Photoshop-free zone”

  1. Didn’t work for me, got an ‘uncertain’ – iPhone pano shot on Sunday, no manipulation failed certification. Think it’s the city shot in and city uploaded from that borked the algorithm.

    1. Technically, panos are a bunch of smaller images stitched together, not a single reading from your image sensor, so they *are* “photoshopped,” just maybe not faked, so the app actually gave you the best answer possible!

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