Tell animated stories ridiculously easily with Adobe Voice

I’m really pleased to see that Adobe has officially introduced Voice, a crazy-easy way to make animated explainer videos, product pitches, etc.:

I had the chance to work closely with Tom, Ely, and the team over the last year, and it was amazing to watch how kids in particular would pick up the app and instantly start creating things they’d never made before. The combination of touch editing plus easy voice recording is oddly magical. I’m really excited to see where things go from here.


2 thoughts on “Tell animated stories ridiculously easily with Adobe Voice

  1. I’ll pass this on to my instructional designer colleagues, certainly. For me, though, an illustrator, there’s something a bit offensive in hearing someone say the voice comes first. I can only hope others feel that it isn’t necessarily so. I’m reminded of Shaun Tan’s wonderful graphic novel, The Arrival that does actually have a very clear voice, all in the images. For some of us, the story is what we see in our mind’s eye.

  2. As an artist, I’d like to try this out to see what I think. Will do and will tell Adobe what I think.

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