Short film: Nike’s crowdsourced cricketers

108 different photographers captured bowlers, batsmen and fielders performing the same pre-decided action, with rather cool results:

Ad agency JWT writes,

The final TV spot includes 1,440 images stitched together from a bank of 225,001 crowd-sourced images of cricket crazy youth. The 1,440 seamless action images, captured by both cricket crazy youth and the 108 photographers, were chosen and stitched together to complete one action of the journey of one ball from bowler to batsman to fielder to keeper.

[YouTube] [Via Ben Jones]

2 thoughts on “Short film: Nike’s crowdsourced cricketers

  1. I wish I could say ‘wow’ or cool’ or something like that but I can’t. To me the message is too fast, shallow, and at best a tech ‘good job’. Maybe it is the age, but I look at the message as to go IN to my soul, my mind, my heart, to feel the idea. I can’t look into their eyes. The most significant emotion has come to me eye to eye, face to face. I want to feel the ball as it travels, be one with the fabric of the covering, the stiches of the ball rubbing against my skin as it releases from me and the wind carries it as I feel the sun’s heat on my face. Know what I mean?

  2. The combination of music and imagery was powerful to me. Goosebumps-powerful. I don’t know Cricket very well at all, but this video left me with a smile on my mouth and curiosity for the game in my mind.

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