A good quote about Creative Cloud pricing

Peter Krogh writes,

Buying Photoshop Extended and Lightroom four years ago would set you back $1300. You can buy a decade of CC software and services for that price.

Subscriptions were always meant to democratize access to what had been exclusively-priced tools.

The rest of Peter’s post (regarding the non-expiration of Lightroom following a subscription’s end) is worth a read in light of my post last year about how “You should never lose access to your work, period.”

4 thoughts on “A good quote about Creative Cloud pricing

  1. “Buying CS6 Design Standard two years ago set me back $1300. By today, the necessary Complete Creative Cloud subscription would already have cost me more than that.”

    Feel free to quote me on that.

  2. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Adobe have yet addressed what happens to Photoshop (or the other CC apps) once your subscription expires. My suggestion from that previous blog post still stands – make it read-only, but able to print and export to other formats.

  3. Creative Cloud has always been a better deal for new customers than those of us who bought Adobe products long ago and upgraded over the years. This is why CC promoters always make sure we see the Cloud subscription price compared to the huge full version price.

    But the upgrade price (CS5 – CS6) of the entire Master Collection at $525 is less than the yearly price of the full CC membership. For the extra money Adobe offers a Prosite, some online storage and some assorted mobile fluff. If, like Freddy above, you used one of the smaller CS suites you have to pay WAY more than you used to because now you have to pay for everything. And the punch in the gut is that if you stop paying everything disappears.

    So when I see things like “Subscriptions were always meant to democratize access to what had been exclusively-priced tools.” I just shake my head. New users now have a lower price for entry but will end up paying more for their software down the road, and Adobe’s old friends pay more right away.

  4. I upgraded my Production Premium suite a month before the Cloud was announce to the tune of $700. If I had jumped to the cloud and it’s original pricing, I would have spent much more for little more.

    I am resolved to the fact, that the new features are not worth the extra long term cost of going to the cloud. So for me, CS6 will be my last upgrade of these Adobe products. I can do what I need for my clients with what I have now. And my 21 years of Photoshop support is over.

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