Lightroom team confirms perpetual access to your work

Apropos of “You should never lose access to your work, period,” this assurance is great to see:

With Lightroom 5.5, at the end of a membership, the desktop application will continue to launch and provide access to the photographs managed within Lightroom as well as the Slideshow, Web, Book or Print creations that we know many photographers painstakingly create.

In short, you pay to keep creating new work; you don’t pay just to access what you’ve already created.

3 thoughts on “Lightroom team confirms perpetual access to your work

  1. This is good news! I hope this works well enough so that it will at some point extend to all of the CC apps.

  2. The bad news is, that you can’t get your hands on CS6 licenses anymore (at least unimall, cyberport, amazon and computeruniverse don’t have them anymore). So the “if you want perpetual, you can go and buy CS6” argument is irrelevant, now.

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