“Why Skeuomorphism Is Like a Classic Car”

Enjoy two and a half thoughtful, beautifully produced minutes of Neven Mrgan’s observations about design evolution:

As it happens, I first got to know Neven after he knocked Photoshop for its unruly sprawl of UI elements (specifically, lots of arbitrarily different sliders). I was stung as by then I’d been writing about and fighting to address this phenomenon for years. We had so many good intentions & false starts trying to re-wing that old plane in flight, and I was sick to death of hearing Apple zealots (not Neven) say, “Just use the standard Mac elements”—when in practice no such standards existed. In any case, Neven’s post broke the ice, and we ended up dropping in on the Panic team a couple of times over the years. Their ideas on how to evolve PS were always helpful—and I was deeply gratified to rationalize a bunch of those slider types in CS5 and beyond. [Vimeo]

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