A motion graphics demo reel from 1978

I suddenly feel like my head is being slowly compressed inside a giant Trapper Keeper—but I can kinda dig it.

Jeff Doud from the Sullivan & Marks team writes,

All this work was shot on motion control backlit cameras. Much of the production was done on an Oxberry at R&B Efx. Later we were shooting primarily on custom moco setups with Gehring Aviation. These setups worked by configuring stepping motors that were C-clamped together to control a flying lightbox. Multiple passes were required for each color or effect. Many times bi-pack mattes would be created in advance of shooting the final animation and bi-packed into the camera with the original negative. All effects were wedge tested for exposure, and the final animation would typically require 4-12 hours to complete.

Bonus from a couple of years back: Wang!

 [Vimeo] [YouTube] [Via Benedict Evans]

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