Workflow win: Google Photos gets fast Web editing

I’m delighted to say that you can now edit multiple images sequentially via

Just open up an image, click the pencil icon, make your edits, and then use left/right arrow keys to move among images. (Previously you had to keep hitting Save, exiting the editor, navigating, and re-entering the editor.) This is a much, much faster way to move among images, apply Auto Enhance, and make other tweaks. You can also now choose among new aspect ratios when cropping.

More refinements are on the way, so check it out and let us know what you think!

Aspect Ratio

One thought on “Workflow win: Google Photos gets fast Web editing

  1. At least on Chrome/Windows, if I make an edit using a slider control, the left/right keys are focused on that control rather than sorting between images. So I have to use the mouse to get to the next image (via the arrow buttons). Still a time saver but maybe there’s a way to create a shortcut so CTRL+Right arrow goes to the next image?

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