Hi from Nepal, everyone!

I’m enjoying some very rare downtime & connectivity before getting some shut-eye in advance of our 48-hour hackathon. I have so much to share, but uploading through a cocktail straw is nobody’s idea of fun, so most will have to wait. In very brief: Yesterday we celebrated Holi at an orphanage; today we helped villagers rebuild (such a minor contribution, really, but it felt good to help such welcoming folks); and tomorrow we get busy trying to create technologies & services that might be of use here & beyond. It’s such a privilege to come here and learn. I’ll share more as soon as time & tech permit.


[Photo courtesy of Alex Osterloh, with whom I treated myself to a dawn fly-by of Everest, below]

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One thought on “Namaste!

  1. Hi John :

    What a wonderful image of you – Am so pleased that you experienced Holi – Just wonderful – This image of yours will be stored in my archive !! ( Hope Alex will not mind )

    This time it was, “soooo close, yet far” – The next time we we bridge the distance.

    Warm wishes,

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